Who are we?

Callcentrenumbers.co.uk is a UK Directory Phone Service to help you find the number you need quickly and easily. We understand how hard it can be to find the relevant phone number to contact the company or business you are trying to communicate with.

Many companies will try and:

1. Point you to their on-line website for point of sale,
2. Advise to send them and email,
3. Get you to use some type of online web chat service,
4. Ask for it written in writing,

Most of the time, you just want to speak to someone, fast!

Callcentrenumbers.co.uk is a site that is being constantly updated with new numbers with the goal of providing you with all the numbers you may ever need. Our directory listings vary from mobile phone providers, online e-commerce sites, retail stores, government helplines and conference centres. We aim to provide phone numbers of the companies that make it hard for you to call them.

At Callcentrenumbers.co.uk we operate an advanced call routing platform which directs your call from our advertised numbers to the company you wish to contact. We are not associated to any of the listed companies or businesses, we simply provide a forwarding service directly into that company or business you are wishing to call. We cannot answer or advise on any questions relating to the company you are wishing to call for any service you wish to take or have already taken from them. The numbers listed are our own 08435 numbers which are charged at 7p per minute from a BT Land-line.

Please Note

“All 0843 Numbers advertised on this site are Charged at 7p per minute plus your phone companies Access Charge”

Please check our Call Charges page for additional information.

Contact your phone provider or the bill payer for more information on the cost of that access charge.

Calls from a mobile phone will vary considerably depending on your mobile provider – please check with your provider before using our service. Typical charges from a mobile phone range from 10p per minute to 75p per minute. Check our Call Charges advice page here – Call Charges.

If you wish to notify us that a number doesn’t seem to work or ask any general questions please contact us.