Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft’s latest open world multiplayer game is setting new standards with shoot em ups.
With amazing graphics and UHD support it has amazing gameplay and multiplayer tactical perfection.

Set in Bolivia you follow the open world story line at your choice to destroy the drug lord El Sueno.

ghost recon wildlands

The Story Mode

The aim of the game to is kill El Sueno. To do this you have to work your way through certain underbosses through the game and map. Whilst it is an open world environment, you can also collect intel at locations on the map to further open up missions within the map.

Alongside the story mode there is also side missions. Side Missions are not a necessity to complete to progress the story but they provide many valued additions to the game. By completing small side missions you are able to gain more XP and improve your rank. In turn this provides you the chance to upgrade your weaponry and upgrade your in game stats.

The Gameplay

Whilst playing on your own you are accompanied within the game with 3 fellow Ai teammates. For those tactical players, the teammates are a great help. They can be given orders to move to specific areas, shoot specific targets or just hold back in position. For the less tactical gamer, they are just as good at general backup.

When switching to multiplayer, your AI teammates are replaced by your friends or fellow gamers. if one friend joins you, you lose your AI teammates too. You may find it is easier to play without a single friend on certain missions through the game.


The Map

The map that the open world is played in large. As the game progresses you can fast travel to certain areas on the map your have opened. There is differences in the terrain as you progress throuout the game and areas you explore. From desert areas, mountainous terrain, coastal areas and snowy high peaks. All in all the map is a great place to explore with several types of land, air and sea vehicles. For the hard core gamer, it would be welcoming for future map expansion by digital download.

Ghost Recon Expansion Pack

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