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BT Broadband Contact Number & BT Infinity

08435 040 909

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BT Broadband Contact Number for all Sales & Faults
Press 2 for Broadband & Infinity

BT Broadband Contact Number – 08435 040 909

New customers can call BT to find out more information on the latest broadband services available in your area. You can also use the BT Broadband contact number if your BT Broadband Service or your BT Infinity Service is not working to your satisfaction. You can contact the team directly on 08435 040 909.

How can BT Broadband Team help you further?

There is lots of useful information available on the BT website that can provide you with the latest products and pricing for all of BT services. You can also contact the BT Broadband Team directly from the BT Website, they can help you with:

  • Connection Issues; Intermittent Connection, Poor Speeds, No Connection  – If your BT Connection speed to the internet is, or has deteriorated then you need to contact BT so they can investigate.
  • Email Support – Contact BT via email and raise your problems without calling BT.
    • Visit the BT website for email contact information
  • Wireless Support – Do you need support with your BT Home Hub Router?
    • Do you need to add more users to the device or change the passwords? Use the BT Broadband Contact Number to find out more on how to do this.
  • Anti Virus and Support – Contact BT for further information on how to protect your computers and devices from Infection.
  • Line problems – Raise a fault if you think your BT service is faulty or you have problems with your BT phone line.
  • Adding more users to your network and how to configure access for the family and restrict access for certain users
  • BT Email problems
  • Upgrades to Fibre Broadband – Contact BT to find out if you are eligible to an upgrade to the latest Fibre Broadband Services in your area. Speeds up-to 80mb are available.
  • Contact BT for Fibre Broadband speeds and the roll out for new areas and locations in the UK
  • Can you receive Fibre Broadband? Speak to one of the team to see if you can receive speeds up to 80mb on 08435 040 909.
  • Use the BT Broadband Contact Number for more information.

BT Technical Support

By using the BT Contact number you will be able to gain access to the BT Broadband technical support team that can help advise further with your problems. BT will be able to diagnose if there is a problem with your BT Home Hub, your broadband service or your physical BT phone line.

Contacting BT directly on 08435 040 909 will provide you with the technical assistance your need and the chance to organise a BT trained engineer to fix your problem.

BT Technical Support – 08435 040 909

BT Infinity

BT Infinity is BT’s superfast Fibre Broadband service, capable of delivering speeds of up to 80mb download and 20mb upload. BT Infinity which is also know as Fibre Broadband, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is only available in certain locations in the UK.

If you live in a suburban area then there is a high probability you can receive BT Infinity. To find out if it is available in your area to your hoke or business, call BT directly on 08435 040 909. You can also check the availability online by using the checker below.

BT Infinity Broadband Checker –

If you cannot receive Fibre Broadband then use the  BT Broadband Contact number to speak to a representative that can provide you with advice on BT’s standard ADSL 2+ Broadband service available to over 98% of the UK.

BT Infinity & BT Broadband Packages

BT have a large selection of packages for customers just looking for basic broadband access and customers that want to the whole package including BT Sport & BT TV.

BT can provide BT Infinity only services where they just provide broadband to your home or business. Some of the packages include security, cloud storage, inclusive call packages & unlimited usage.

  • BT Infinity 1 – upto 38mb, BT Sport, 40Gb transfer and free weekend calls
  • BT Infinity 1+ – Inclusive of the above plus 50Gb cloud storage
  • Unlimited BT Infinity 2 – upto 76mb, BT Sport & much more
  • Pricing starts from £7.50 per month

Call BT to speak to a member of the sales team to find out more information.

BT Sport & BT TV

BT have a large product and services range that enables you to subscribe to the latest TV packages and Sport Channels.

BT Sport is home to Premier League and UEFA Champtions League games for the 2015 and 2016 season. BT have also confirmed that the matches in season 2016 to 2017 and 2018 to 2019 will have over 42 Premier League matches.

BT Sport is inclusive to some BT Infinity customers but for customers that do not have BT broadband or BT Infinity, they can still access BT Sport from Virgin Media and Sky Television.

BT can provide BT TV which is a service that uses Freeview but content can also be subscribed to for SyFy HD and the National Geographic Channel. Just like SKY & Virgin, Bt can provide you with a set top box that is HD enabled and allow you to record and rewind live TV. Acces to the Bt Store will allow you to download movies on demand and additional content.

Use the BT Broadband Contact Number to contact the BT Shop to find out additional information on BT Sport & TV packages.

Accounts, Billing & Payments

To make a payment on your broadband account you can contact BT directly on 08435 040 909. If you need to check your latest bill you can visit BT Online at For customers that are having problems understanding their bills and the applicable charges, then you can contact a member of the BT Broadband customer services team for further information. Use the BT Broadband Contact Number for more help and assistance on your latest Bt Bill.

Contact BT on 08435 040 909

History of BT Internet and Broadband Services

Before Broadband, internet users used to either connect to the internet on a dialup connection or through a leased line service. Most commonly the UK public used dialup internet through various providers that included BT. The maximum download speeds that you could achieve were from as little as 18k to 128k.

BT first launched broadband in early the 2000’s of which it had a maximum speed of 2mb. The Broadband Service was enabled on your existing phone line (PSTN) in your home or your business and transformed the speed of browsing the internet and sending data.

As technology has increased the speed of which the networks can provide has also improved. ADSL Max was launched with a maximum speed of up to 8mb in 2006. This saw an increase in the number of Broadband subscribers across the UK. Moving into 2008 BT in competition with other providers like Virgin Media, Talk Talk, SKY TV and o2 upgraded their services and launched ADSL 2+. ADSL 2+ increased the maximum download speeds to 20mb with an upload speed of 1mb.

After trials in Foxhall in Ipswich 2009, BT Wholesale announced Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) of which BT Retail branded as BT Infinity. By rolling out new fibre street cabinets across the UK, BT has been able to improve speed. The maximum download speed to a customer on copper to 80mb with a 20mb upload. Competing with Virgin Media’s fibre optic network, BT has also begun to provide additional services like TV to increase their market share.

With the advent of increased speeds to the customer, BT launched BT Sport in 2013. BT Sport is currently free to all BT Broadband customers.

Use the BT Broadband contact number for additional questions and answers.

Broadband Speed Help

Things to consider about your broadband speed:

There are many different things that can effect your broadband speed. Some of these reasons can depend on the technology your are using and some can be your geographical location.


10 Days – The first ten days of you receiving a service from your Internet Service Provider will result in a broadband speed which will fluctuate. The broadband line is syncing with your router and the BT exchange to provide the optimum speed.

Location – Broadband speeds degregate with distance. The further you are from the BT exchange, the maximum speed diminishes. Fibre Broadband customers are less effected as the distance to the cabinet is the only consideration.

The Network

Congestion – Although less of a factor than contention, congestion refers to how busy the BT exchange is in your local area. This is more common in smaller villages that may have a restricted connection back to the BT network.

Age – The age of the copper infrastructure in your area including your telephone line can effect the maximum speed your can receive.

Weather – Thunderstorms, Electrical Storms and wet weather in general can effect your broadband speed considerably. Electrical Storms can cause surges that effect your micro-filters and the BT Exchanges / Cabinets knocking out your connection. Flooded exchanges is more common in heavy downfall areas with poor drainage.

Your Premises

  • Poor wiring in your premises can result in a degradation of speed. Replacing micro-filters and using an up-to date router can help to improve speeds.
  • Wireless: As the distance from your router determines your broadband speed, being further away in other rooms can reduce your broadband speed.
  • Electrical interference: Along with wireless interference from other wireless devices, electrical interference from inside your premises can effect broadband speeds. Electrical interference will likely cause your router to re-sync with the BT Exchange un-stabilising your connection for a few days.
  • Your PC: old equipment can fail to keep up with the latest demands of Fibre services. It might be time to upgrade.

Your Provider

  • Contention: Your Broadband provider can be responsible for the your speed of the service. Contention is the terminology to describe hos busy their Broadband network actually is. If providers over contend (by over subscribing their network) then the customers speeds are seriously affected.
  • Traffic Shaping: This is a term used by providers that refers to them effecting the speed you can receive depending on your browsing / internet habits. Your provider can ‘throttle’ your connection to certain websites. Slow down devices and servers across the internet. For example, it is common for providers to block sites that allow the transferring of copyrighted material.

Testing your Broadband Speed

Namesco –

BT Wholesale – –


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