BT Contact Number

BT Contact Number

08435 042 031

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Use the BT Contact Number 24/7

BT Contact Number

Use the BT Contact Number 08435 042 031 to speak to BT Customer Service for the majority of BT Products and get further help on:

BT Phone Line and Broadband faults

Report all faults and service line problems directly to BT on 08435 042 031. If you are having problems with your BT Phone Line please have your service level agreement to hand and your account number. If you cannot receive any incoming calls or you have no dial tone to make out going calls then BT will arrange for an engineer to fix the problem.

If you are a business and your require assistance for your BT Business Phone Line, ISDN, ISDN2e or your Business Fibre Broadband service – call BT on 08435 042 031.

Logging into MY BT

If you are having problems logging into MY BT then use the BT contact number for further assistance. The MY BT online login service is very useful and it can help you find further information on:

  • Check how much you are spending
  • View and manage your online billing
  • See what services you are subscribed too
  • Setup new features and services

Accounts, Billing & Payments

To make a payment on your account you can contact BT on 08435 042 031. If you need to check your latest bill you can visit BT Online at and log into the MY BT section.

For customers that are having problems understanding bills and charges then you can contact a member of the BT customer services team for further information.

If you think you have been billed incorrectly by BT or you with to cancel your existing service, then use the BT Contact Number.

BT Infinity

Use the BT Contact number to find out about all the latest offers for Fibre Broadband in your area. Call BT to check if your area can receive Fibre Broadband or BT Infinity. With Bt Infinity speeds of up to 76mb, contact BT to find out if you can receive superfast fibre broadband. You can also use the BT contact number to raise faults if your service is not working correctly.

BT’s BT Infinity service can come with:

  • Speeds upto 52mb & 76mb
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Cloud Storage
  • BT Sport
  • New BT Smart Hub
  • Inclusive call bundles

If your BT Infinity service is not working to your satisfaction then it is advisable to re-boot the BT Infinity router by turning it off and on. Sometimes this may help by re-refreshing the services.

BT Broadband

Contact BT for the latest speeds available for Broadband in you area and also alternatives if you cannot get Fibre Broadband and BT Infinity.

With Speeds up to 17mb and unlimited monthly usage plans, you can view the latest offers online or by calling BT directly.

Inclusive in some of the BT Broadband bundles are:

  • Cloud Storage
  • BT Sport
  • Free Weekend Calls
  • Discounts


BT can offer customers with a subscription based service to receive TV channels. Choosing between a starter and essentials package, you can recieve:

  • YouView or YouView + set top box
  • Pause & Rewind features
  • Record up to 300 hours on the YouView + box
  • Up to 80 channels
  • Options to include Sky Sports, Sky Cinema & Netflix

if you are wishing to upgrade your BT TV channels or you are having and need BT Technical Support, then use the BT contact number to speak to a member of the support team.

Broadband Talk

Contact BT to query line call charges and phone line services. Speak to a member of the BT team if you have problems paying your BT phone bill or any BT services. Do you require assistance with help, please check the BT faults heading.

BT Sport

Contact BT Sport for new and existing subscriptions. Find out about all the latest Football packages, Premiership & Uefa Champion League games that you can watch as part of your BT subscription. BT Sport is available to all BT Infinity customers, call BT to find out more information.

BT Vision

Contact BT for all the latest TV packages available to you in your area

BT Mobile

BT have various mobile phone offers ranging from the latest iPhone 7’s to the best android devices. Some of the BT Mobile phones include:

  • iPhone range including the 7 & 7 Plus
  • Samsung series including the Galaxy S7
  • Sony Xperia range including the X & XA

You can contact BT if you require SIM only services and don’t need a new mobile phone. BT have several options with associated data bundles from 500mb to 15Gb of data per month.

With 98% coverage across the UK, BT’s mobile service will allow you to:

  • Control your spending
  • See how much you are spending
  • Switch to the best plan for you
  • Free access to BT Wi-Fi
  • Options for going abroad

Use the BT contact number to find out more about BT Mobile

Are you Moving Home?

If you need to move home, call BT to investigate moving your service. If you are moving home, changing address or need your service relocated, then contact the BT team as quickly as possible.

Cancelling your BT service

For if you are wanting to leave BT to move to another service provider or cancel the subscription then please contact BT on 08435 042 031.

More About BT

British Telecom (BT) is a British leading telecommunications company operating across 170 different countries in the world. It provides several different arms of its business to global public and private companies servicing a variety of different products.

Within the UK it known for providing telephony (phone lines and calls), fixed lines services, broadband and subscription based TV services. Across a population of circa 65m in the UK, BT has 18m customers both residential and business.

BTs origin dates back to 1912 but British Telecom was formed in 1980 and was privatised in 1984. In 1991 the government’s white paper, ‘Competition and Dance’ was issued which enable the breakup of the telecoms monopoly in the UK. The paper allowed other providers to utilise the BT exchanges and install their own equipment whilst still using the copper cabling infrastructure that connected directly to their customers. Other providers in the 1990’s began to install their own infrastructure to local premises by installing new cable fibre optic networks to deliver voice and data services bypassing BT. The most popular example of this is NTL which is now Virgin Media.

BT Broadband Rollout

BT Wholesale Launched its first ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) service in the early 2000s. The maximum speed available was 2mb and only available in BT ADSL enabled exchanges. As technology improved, by 2006, new equipment updates in the BT exchanges allowed BT to launch ADSL Max which increased broadband speeds to 8mb per second.

ADSL 2+ with speeds of up to 20mb was launched in 2008 and is now the most popular access method in the UK. Due to competition with Cable Fibre Providers like Virgin Media and Telewest, BT Wholesale started trials for Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC also known as BT Infinity) in Foxhills, Ipswich. BT Infinity allows end users to download of up to speeds of 80mb per second with upload speeds up to 20mb. The launch of the higher speed access methods at relatively low cost has helped transform the way in which the world communicates.

ADSL 2+ – Speeds of up to 20mb

ADSL Max – Speeds of up to 8mb

FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet Speeds of up to 80mb

FTTP – Fibre to the Premises Speeds of up to 100mb


The ability to deliver data and internet access at increased speeds of 80mb has enabled companies to now provide TV based services over their broadband fibre services. With popular TV channels available including BT Sport which allows Football fans stream live football matches from the Barclays Premiership. The BT TV service also has options for SKY TV channels, HD Movies, Box Office Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Movies. The YouView box that is provided with the service allows you to pause, record, catch-up and rewind live TV.


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