Call Charges

“All phone numbers provided by are owned by and charged at 7p per minute plus your phone providers Access Charge”

We are a Call-Forwarding Service only and do not provide the official phone numbers for the company / business you are trying to call.

We are not responsible for your phone providers Access Charge. This charge is not set by and we have no control over it. You need to speak to your phone or mobile provider to understand the costs of calling an 0843 number.

For example, typical charges from a mobile phone can range considerably in excess of 10p to 75p minute.

Please contact your telephone provider to find these exact charges are before using our service.

For mobile phone users, please contact your provider. Mobile phone plans tend to have different access charges so please check with your provider first.

The Ofcom call cost guide can be found here – Ofcom Call Cost Guide
The UK Calling website also offers further reading regarding call charges in the general –

There is lots of free information on the internet that can provide extra information on all types of numbering and call rates. Wikipedia and Ofcom provides a good source for additional information.

For more information please read our terms and conditions or contact us for assistance.