eBay Contact Number

eBay Contact Number

Contact eBay between:
Monday to Friday 6am to 10pm
Saturday 8am to 10pm
Sunday 9am to 10pm

08435 043 361

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Use the eBay Contact Number for:
Buying, Selling, Auction & Customer Services


Contact Ebay

The worlds biggest online auction house.  Ebay is a global marketplace where buyers and sellers can both benefit from getting access to products that may not necessarily be available elsewhere to simply getting rid of unwanted items.
As the process can sometimes be time consuming and confusing it is important that Ebay are able to efficiently help with any problems that you may encounter.
Ebay does have online support for to access from there website but you can use the eBay contact number on 08435 043 361 to speak to Ebay Customer Service.

How Can Ebay Customer Service Help?

The online support provided on the website will help you with most problems and will provide advice on the most common problems customers face. By using the eBay contact number they will be able to help you with some of the following;

  • How to cancel a bid on an auction – What you need to do if you have made a mistake whilst bidiing on an item. Contact Ebay for further advice and also if you need to report someone who has used your device or accessed you account fraudulently. Call the ebay customer service number on 08435 043 361.
  • Issues with any items received – Contact Ebay if you are not happy with the items you have received and you wish to complain about them and the seller.
  • How to set up a sellers account – If you need to become a seller and want to setup a reseller account at Ebay, contact the Ebay team for further information on resellers and reseller accounts.
  • Problems with payments – if you have had problems with payments or you have had problems with making a payment, then please contact ebay on 08435 043 361.
  • Reporting items or users – You may need to contact Ebay to report users and items you are not happy with.  You can use the Ebay contact number to make complaints.
  • Contact ebay for general enquiries
  • You contact ebay with problems of delivery

eBay Auctions

You will need to call eBay on 008435 043 361 if you have any problems regarding any eBay auctions. If you are not able to list items up on eBay for auction then you need to contact eBay customer service by calling the ebay customer service number on 08435 043 361.

Or if you have incorrectly listed an item on eBay and would like to cancel the auction then you can contact eBay customer services to receive help on how this can be done. You will need to use the eBay contact number on 08435 043 361 if you have accidently sold an item which you did not want to sell.

Also if you have accidentally placed a bid on an item which you are not wishing to buy then you can call eBay on 08435 043 361 to find help on how to cancel the bid.

Winning Bids & Purchases

If there is a problem with the item that you have purchased then you need to call eBay on 08435 043 361. Problems with items purchased may consist of:

  • Incorrect item delivered
  • The item was faulty
  • Item has not been delivered past expected delivery date
  • Incorrect number of the items was delivered
  • The item does not match seller’s description.

To receive help on any issues regarding purchases you have made from eBay users, please ensure that you contact eBay customer support.

eBay Payments and Billing

If you are having problems when choosing a payment method to use for eBay then by contacting eBay, you can receive help on any problems that you are encountering regarding payment methods.

Another reason you may need to contact eBay is if you believe that there has been an error in your billing or you have a suspicion that somebody else is using your account then you will need contact eBay customer support immediately by calling 08435 043 361.

By contacting eBay customer support, you will find help with changing the payment types that are connected to your account and to find out about how eBay charge you as a customer. For any problems regarding income from selling items on eBay or to find out how long it till you are able to access your funds, you must contact eBay on 08435 043 361.


If you are unable to make purchases on eBay through Paypal then you will need to contact Paypal on 08435 04 33 64. By contacting this number, you are able to receive help on all issues that you may be facing.

You may also want to contact eBay’s support team by calling 08435 043 361 in order to check when your funds will be transferred into your Paypal account after selling items on eBay.

You will need to contact eBay immediately on 08435 043 361 if you have entered the incorrect PayPal details into your eBay account.

Reporting Items or Users

To report eBay users you will need to call Bay customer care on 08435 04 33 61. Reasons to report other eBay accounts:

  • Selling illegal items
  • Violating copyright laws
  • Attempts of committing fraud
  • Incorrect titles or description
  • Sending incorrect items
  • Shill Bidding
  • False Feedback
  • Sending inappropriate or offensive messages

Once you call eBay, you may be asked to provide evidence to support your claims in other methods such as E-Mail.

Postage, Deliveries & Returns

If you would like to learn more about the rules of postage and delivery on eBay then you will need to contact eBay customer support using the number provided or to visit www.ebay.co.uk.

If you have accidentally sent the item to the incorrect address you will need to contact both eBay and the buyer as soon as possible to ensure that they are aware that the item will be delivered late.

If you would like to learn about the rules and regulations of returning items bought via eBay, then you need to use the ebay contact number to speak with ebay customer services on 08435 043 361. To find out what to do if you would like to return but you have purchased from a ‘no returns’ seller or you have used click & collect, then you will have to visit http://ocsnext.ebay.co.uk/ocs/home or call eBay support number.

eBay Money Back Guarantee

If there is a problem with and eBay purchase, eBay money back guarantee ensures that the buyer receives their ordered good or receives a full refund. Buyers are capable of using eBay money back guarantee when the buyer doesn’t receive an item or the item received does not match the description of the seller.

If you have had a problem when purchasing an item from eBay and would like to find out if eBay money back guarantee applies to you, then you need to contact eBay customer services by using the ebay contact number 08435 043 361.

Ebay Power Seller

Power Seller Support – 08435 04 33 62

eBay is predominately used by its users across the world for the buying and selling of new or used products. Since its foundation in 1995 eBay has since become one of the largest e-commerce companies in history with the website consisting of an estimated 150 million active users a year.

The popularity of eBay has been heavily dependent on the factor that customers are able to sell unwanted products – an appealing aspect to both parties of the buyer and the seller as it allows cheaper deals on products in comparison to their retail price and also allows users to receive money for unwanted products.

This factor within eBay does however cause trouble for customers as in the past problems such as

  • broken products
  • misleading products
  • incorrect product will be delivered to unsatisfied customers.

eBay’s online support is therefore available to deal with problems. They will offer the best advice and also solutions to deal with these sorts of incidents. You can contact eBay Customer Services by using the ebay contact number on 08435 043 361

With eBay running online this means customers dominantly pay their transactions through online money transfers such as Paypal. Being an online auction this allows eBay’s users to connect and deal with customers across the world as users are able to buy and trade through the internet to any other user on the website.

This however may also cause problems for eBay users incase they want to cancel an order or may have any potential problems with their online transactions. If payment problems occur on eBay then their users can contact eBay’s online support team who will give solutions on how to deal with these issues.

Online Auction

As an online action eBay is therefore accessible on various forms of devices and have also released an app on Android and Apple’s app store. This allows eBay’s users to have access to their website 24/7 whether they are at home or out and about. This therefore helps eBay users to contact other users at any given time whether it is for reporting a problem or an enquiry about a product. For further advice use the ebay contact number to speak to ebay customer services.

This links in with eBay’s help process on their own website which gives users advice on steps to take with specific case such as retracting a bid or not receiving an item. Users on eBay can select their problem from a selection and from this carry out a proposed solution from eBays set advice.

This therefore allows customers to contact eBay whenever necessary through their 24/7 contact team. This allows users to contact eBay through various different ways such as email, text and also a phone call.

eBay of recent have also looked to reward returning customers on their website with Nectar points. This consists of gaining one point for every pound spend on eBay purchases. Then allowing customers to spend these points on other eBay products. Following this new introduction eBay have also released a new section on their website specifically related to customers nectar points such as FAQ’s. This now allows customers to contact eBay about their nectar points and can now give them advice and solutions on problems/questions such as:

  • Replacing a lost and stolen nectar card
  • How many points can be collected on a Nectar card?
  • When Nectar points will be added to your account?
  • Where are eBay vouchers stored?
  • What happens if I return items back that I’ve spent nectar points on?

eBay Categories

women men kids
handbags & Accessories
Health & Beauty
Jewellery & Beauty
Sales & Events

Baby Furniture, Garden & Patio
Celebrations & Occasions
DIY Materials
Home Décor
Pet Supplies

Computers, Tablets & Networking
Mobile Phones & Communication
Sound & Vision
Cameras & Photography
GPS & IN-Car Technology
Home Audio & HiFi Separates
Laptops & Netbooks

Musical Instruments
Sporting Goods
Toys & Games
Exercise & Fitness

Pottery, Porcelain & Glass
Dolls & Bears
Sports Memorabilia
Trains/Railway Models

Health & Beauty
Jewellery & Watches
Fine Jewellery
Hair Care & Styling tools
Hand & Foot Care
Make-up & Tools

Motorcyles & Scooters
Vehicle Parts & Accessories
Car parts
Cartuning & Styling
Car Wheels, Tyres & Trims
Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Electronics Deals
Mens Fashion Deals
Womens Fashion Deals
Home Deals
All Deals & Special Offers

You can use the ebay contact number b using our CCN number 08435 043 361 for ebay customer services.

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