EE Contact Number

EE Contact Number

Contact EE between:
Mon to Fri – 8am to 8pm
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08435 048 787

All calls are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. We are a call-forwarding service using our own 0843 telephone numbers and we are not associated or affiliated to any company on this website.

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EE Contact Number

Use the EE Contact Number on 08435 048 787, to speak to a representative in EE Customer Service. They can help you with:

  • Billing & Topping Up
  • Account Queries
  • Latest Phones, Tablets & Devices
  • Broadband
  • Fibre Broadband Availability
  • Monthly Tariffs & Plans
  • Pay as you Go Plans
  • Upgrades
  • Coverage problems
  • EE Technical Support
  • Cancellations & Complaints

Use the EE contact number if you were an Orange or T-mobile customer. EE has taken over the services from Orange & T-Mobile.

EE Technical Support & Faults – 08435 048 787

If you require any assistance because any of your EE products orservices are not working, then contact EE to speak to the EE Customer Service Team.

Problems with Broadband connections and slow speeds might be fixed by a re-boot of the router or switching your phone off and on may solve the problem. If you can access the EE website then visit the help section help where you can find additional information or call EE customer service on 08435 048 787.

If you are having trouble or problems with a handset or you suspect there maybe network coverage problems, turning your device off and on may help. If you are having further problems use the EE contact number to speak to EE Customer Service on 08435 048 787.

If you are experiencing problems with other devices that include EE car wifi, EE 4GEE and tablet devices, then contact EE support.

EE Accounts, Billing & Payments – 08435 048 787

If you need some help with your latest bill then use the EE Customer Service contact number listed above. Contact EE to make a payment or discuss your phone bill in more detail and to understand charges that might be confusing you.

By calling EE you will be able to take advice and help on how to understand your EE bill for the future. Use the EE Contact Number to find out more information and to speak to a customer service representative.

If you have recently changed your payment or bank details, you can find more information on the EE website or you can provide this information by using the EE contact number. A member of the EE customer services team can update your records accordingly, they can also help you with:

  • Changing your address
  • Moving to Direct Debit
  • Trouble making a payment
  • Understanding your EE data plan
  • International call charges
  • Topping up your Mobile
  • Upgrading your handsets
  • EE Business Support

A high bill may be due to a number of factors, for example going over your data usage, a pro-rata bill, going abroad etc, speaking to an EE customer service advisor will help understand your bill in greater detail. The result maybe that you are advised to change your tariff either up or down depending on your usage.

 EE Broadband Support – 08435 048 787

If you are looking at EE’s latest Broadband offers or you need help with your current broadband access for your home or mobile phone then contact EE sales team on 08435 048 787. If you have problems with your EE Broadband service and you need to speak to EE Support then use the same EE contact number on 08435 048 787.

Contact EE Support if you are also having problems with:

  • EE Fibre Broadband
  • 3G & 4G connection speeds
  • your email settings
  • your router settings
  • your fibre broadband
  • your EE Broadband service

EE Fibre Broadband Support – 08435 048 787

EE can provide Fibre Broadband services to over 85% of locations across the Uk. EE Fibre Broadband is provided to customers that are within a Fibre Broadband (Fibre to the Cabinet / FTTC) enabled exchange or area.

With speeds of up to 76mb, contact EE to find out if you are in a suitable area. EE can provide:

  • Fibre up to 38mb
  • Fibre up to 76mb

If you are not in a suitable area for Fibre Broadband then EE can provide you with standard ADSL Broadband. ADSL Broadband can deliver speeds of up to 17mb. If you require faster speeds, then speak to EE to find out if your area can receive better speeds on 4G. Contact EE customer service to find out more information.

Included with EE’s Fibre Broadband service is the EE Bright Box router. The router all comes with Norton Online Security to protect you computers.

EE also provide minute bundles included with their Broadband products. The can include, mobile calls, landline calls and international calls. For more information on Fibre Broadband, contact EE on the number listed.

EE Benefits and Services

EE customers are able to claim exclusive benefits and services, simply for just being an EE customer. Some of these extra benefits include: insurance services, Apple Music, BT Sport and Wifi calling. With EE, customers are able to get Apple Music free for 6 months. After 6 months the subscription will cost £9.99 a month, unless you cancel your Apple Music subscription. Similarly, EE customers are able to get the BT Sport app for three months for three.

After the free three months is up, the BT Sport app will cost £5 a month. Another benefit for EE customers is that they can use WiFi calling. WiFi calling allows you to call and text people even if you don’t have a signal. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you will be able to use your phone. In order to manage your EE add-ons and benefits, you will need to access your My EE account.

To find more information relating to EE benefits and services you can visit the EE website or call the EE customer number, 08435 048 787. The EE customer service team will be able to provide help and support regarding any of the following:

  • How to get Apple Music on EE
  • Setting up Apple Music on EE
  • Can’t set up Apple Music
  • Is Apple Music free with EE
  • How to cancel Apple Music subscription
  • How to download BT Sport
  • BT Sport for EE customers
  • Unable to download BT Sport app
  • EE cancel BT Sport subscription
  • BT Sport cost for EE customers
  • BT Sport app billing and cancellation
  • EE WiFi calling
  • How to use WiFi calling


Visit the EE website to login to your account for information on:

  • Managing your account
  • Your EE mobile
  • Broadband & TV
  • Bills
  • Upgrades
  • Download the App for IOS and Android

Some FAQ’s regarding EE Broadband services:

Can I get EE Broadband or EE Fibre Broadband?

You can visit the EE website and goto the availability checker to check what you can receive from EE. If you already have an existing service with another provider, then EE can move that service from them to EE. Use the EE contact number to find out more.

Why can’t I get Fibre Broadband?
Fibre Broadband also known as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is being rolled out across the UK by BT Openreach. BT are enabling exchanges across the UK and they have coverage a large majority of the UK. If they have not enabled your local exchange then you cannot receive Fibre Broadband until it is enabled. You can goto the BT Openreach superfast broadband page here to find out more about what is going on in your local area.

BT Openreach Checker –

What speeds can I expect on Broadband from EE?

  • EE Broadband average speeds are upto 17Mb/sec
  • EE Fibre average speeds are upto 76Mb/sec

Is EE’s service really unlimited?
Yes if you choose an unlimited plan option – its completely unlimited.

How do I switch over to EE Broadband?
Contact EE and they will advise of the simple process and take care of the rest for you. Contact EE Customer Service on 08435 048 787.

How much does EE Broadband cost?
EE have a range of various packages depending on the service you can receive and the data package you choose. Use the EE contact number to find out more.

Can I Stream
With EE’s Fibre Broadband service  you can access the EE Film Club. You can stream movies of your choice, once per week for £1. Use the EE Contact Number to find out more information on EE Streaming.

EE Contact Number for New EE Customers

New potential customers can use the EE contact number, to find out all the latest offers, products and services from EE. These range from the latest available mobile phone handsets like the Samsung S8, S7, Iphone 7S, to pay as you go services.

To find out more on the latest mobile phone offer, broadband services & Fibre Broadband in your area, contact EE to speak with the sales team. The direct EE contact number is 08435 048 787. Some of EE’s most popular products & services include:

  • Mobile Phones – Apple, Sony, Samung S9 & More
  • Iphone XS, XS Max, 8 Plus, XR, Galaxy S9, Sony
  • Broadband  – Speeds upto 17mb
  • Fibre Broadband – Speeds upto 76mb
  • Tablet and Data Tariffs
  • Home Phone Lines – Unlimited call options for you home
  • EE TV – Play, Record & Rewind TV
  • 4GEE Action Cam

The EE Contact Number is open from 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday and 8am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. You can visit the EE website and visit the EE Store on to contact them directly for any of the below or contact the sales and customer services team on 08435 048 787 for any of the topics below.

Price Plans and New Customers

For the latest price plans and tariffs available for your mobile device, tablet device, your land-line and your broadband service, use the EE contact number to find out more. There is lots of information available on the EE website at or speak to an EE Customer Service person.

With a full range of monthly contracts, SIM only and Pay as You Go services an advisor can assist your call and help you find the right service for you.

EE Sim Only

EE sim only deals are similar to the normal mobile phone contracts, however, you do not receive a handheld device with the package, you only get the sim. EE sim only packages are available for phones and tablets and there are two types of EE sim only packages, pay monthly or pay as you go. A pay monthly sim only deal means that you are billed every 30 days for you calls, text and data allowance whereas, a pay as you go sim only deal requires credit to be topped up.

EE sim only deals bring many benefits to customers. For example, EE customers can get 4G in the UK than any other network, free eu roaming and data caps to prevent you from going over your allowance. There are many EE sim only pay as you packages available, costing from as little as £5. Or, you can get choose a package and get a sim for free. Your sim payments will on start from when you call, text or browse the internet. The pay monthly sim only deals starts from just £10.99 a month and can cost up to £26.00 a month for the most expensive.

If you would like to receive more information regarding EE sim only deals, then it is best to contact EE by calling the EE contact number 08435 048 787. If you call the EE contact number, you will be able to speak to EE customer service who can provide expert advice and support with:

  • What are sim only packages?
  • Benefits of EE sim only deals
  • Which EE sim only pack is best for me?
  • Can you keep your current number and switch to a sim only deal?
  • How long does it take for my sim to arrive?
  • Upgrade your EE sim only package
  • How to setup a data cap
  • Switch to a sim only pack
  • EE sim only deals and prices
  • I have lost my EE sim card
  • EE sim card is not working
  • Get a new EE sim card for your device
  • Can you buy multiple sim only packages

Mobile Phone Upgrades

It maybe the right time to upgrade your handset or device, Use the EE Contact Number on 08435 048 787 to find out more. You can upgrade your handset to the latest handsets and 4G handsets available in the market. The EE Customer Service team will be able to advise you on all the latest phones that include;

  • Galaxy S9
  • iPhone 8 Latest Deals
  • Iphone X
  • Iphone Series
  • Iphone 5s deals
  • Samsung Series including the Galaxy S7 Edge+
  • Galaxy Note
  • Sony Xperia L1
  • Nokia Lumia 950, 550 & 950 XL
  • Blackberry Q5
  • And much More – contact EE for further information
  • LG Leon
  • Rook
  • All Orange & T-Mobile clients
  • Google Phone
  • Apple Watch Series 3

Latest Handsets

*iPhone 8 & iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus*
For customers that want to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus or iPhone 8 then contact EE to speak to a customer services advisor..

The latest handset from Samsung includes:

  • A huge 5.1 inch QHD display
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Dust and Water Resistance
  • A 12 MP camera & F1.7 Lense
  • 3000mAh & 3500mAh battery

Samsung S9 & S9 Plus

Official Introduction Video

Samsung’s new S9 & S9 Plus is now released. Visit the EE website for all the latest offers and potential upgrades that you maybe entitled too. Also – for more information visit the Samsung UK Website.

Apple iPhone XS

Use the EE Contact Number to find out more information on the new and latest iPhone XS and XS Max. With upfront costs from as little as £9.99, contact EE to find out if you are ready for an upgrade or if you are a new customer.

EE WiFi Calling

EE’s new WiFi calling services allows calls to be made in areas where the EE network coverage is patchy. The new service is available on:

  • iPhone 5c, 5s & later models
  • Android & Windows phones bought from EE

Enjoy the benefits:

  • No apps needed – just make sure you are connected by WiFi
  • No change to your monthly bill – calls and texts come out of your tariff
  • Make normal calls – just make calls like normal
  • Only connect once – once you connect to WiFi, your phone will connect automatically everytime

Use the EE Contact Number to find out more information on WiFi calling.

London EE Underground WiFi

From the 25th November 2015, all EE pay monthly customers will automatically get access to the underground WiFi service. Contact EE to get setup and find out more information on how to access the Internet from the London underground.

EE Mobile Broadband 3g, 4G & 4G+

“EE’s 4G Network is 50% faster than any other”

EE provide a 3G & 4G data access for your mobile phone and these are associated to your relevant tariff. Calling EE will allow you to determine what is the right and correct data package for you. You may be looking to upgrade your data plan to a higher or unlimited service.

To check the type of EE speeds and EE coverage in your local area, you can use the EE Coverage Checker here –

EE provides the very latest speeds including 4G+ which is available only in parts of London at the moment. With speeds as high as 90mb it means EE is ready for the future. If you are based in London, contact the EE team to find out more.

For information on the latest EE data plans and data packages visit the EE website or call EE to find out more. You maybe able to upgrade your current data plan to a higher or lower amount.

EE Tablets – Apple iPad & Android Devices

Use the EE Contact Number to find out about the latest offers and promotions for the latest iPad and tablets across the EE Store.

  • iPad Pro 12.9, 10.5
  • Apple Pencil
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad 4 Mini

Android Tablets

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Jay from EE
  • Aspire Switch 10 V
  • Robin from EE

Using your EE Mobile phone and Tablet abroad

Contact EE for advice on how to prepare your phone when travelling outside of the UK. Call the EE contact number and the team to be advised on roaming charges abroad, using data, collecting email and accessing your voicemails. Discuss the additional roaming bolt-ons available to you and your tariff. Ask the EE team how to turn off roaming services and data allowances on your tariff and handset. EE can provide you with add ons when going abroad which can help you be more in control of your bill.

If your child is going on a school holiday and they take their phone, contact EE to find-out how to deal with these situations and how to control and educate your child about using Data abroad.

Going abroad can be stressful, use the EE contact number to find out more information on what to do and what not to do with your mobile and tablet devices.

Unlocking your device

If your device is locked, then EE may be able to unlock it for you. The process and cost of unlocking your device is dependent on whether you pay monthly for your device, pay as you go or are not an EE customer. If you pay monthly for your device then you need to have had the device for over 6 months in order for you to have it unlocked. The cost to then unlock the device will be £8.99 and will be charged on your next bill, once the unlock codes been provided.

If you are on a pay as you go contract direct with EE and your pay as you go account is registered with your details, you are able to unlock the device free of charge. If you are with EE but purchased a second hand device then EE may be able to unlock your device for £8.99. On average it takes 10 days to have your device unlocked with EE. If you require any further guidance or have any questions regarding unlocking your device with EE, then you need to contact EE using the EE contact number. You may need help with:

  • Unlock a device with EE
  • Cost of unlocking your device
  • How to unlock your EE device
  • Pay as you go account
  • Help with unlocking a pay monthly device
  • Can EE unlock your device if you aren’t with them
  • Second-hand devices
  • Unlocking a business device
  • What is an unlock code?
  • When will I be charged for unlocking a device with EE?

Car Wifi

EE have launched an in-car 4G solution that provides wi-fi access internet access for your vehicle. With various packages, contact EE to wi-fi enable your car. If you are experiencing problems with your device then contact EE support team on 08435 048 787.

EE Network and EE Coverage

Contact EE to discuss the new 4G network access across the UK what speeds you can receive in your particular area. Information is available about EE’s 3G network and how to get 4G across the UK and the new 4G+ network in London.

Check the EE coverage checker directly on the EE website –

EE Products and Services

Contact EE sales & the customer services team for the latest updates on all the most recent offers for new customers & existing customers. You can visit the EE website at or call EE directly on 08435 048 787.

The team will also be able to advise on:

  • Mobile Phones – Iphone 6s, Huawei Y5 & Y6, Sony Z5 Premium
  • Broadband  – Wireless and Fixed Line
  • Fibre Broadband
  • Tablet and Data Tariffs
  • Phone Lines – unlimited call packages for you home
  • EE Film – Cinema Tickets and Charges applicable
  • New available Phone Plans and latest devices
  • EE TV – Record and Rewind
  • Clone Phone – Backing up your data
  • Addons – Exclusive 4G Content
  • Cash On Tap – Contactless Payments
  • Tablet Care – Lost or Stolen tablets
  • Home Phone – Faults and Queries
  • 4GEE Action Cam


Joining EE TV gives you access to 70 free channels and 11 channels which are in HD. EE TV lets you record up to four programmes together and even store up to 600 hours of TV, or 300 hours in HD.

You can replay on EE TV and you can set your box to constantly record your favourite channels. Set a whole series to record at the touch of a button, and never miss an episode. Use the EE Contact Number to find out more information.

Some Available channels:

  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Channel 4
  • Dave
  • Spike

Setting UP EE TV


All orders that are made online are delivered free of charge. If an order is accepted online before 5pm then EE will try their best to deliver within 2 working days. If you need to speak to EE then use the EE Contact Number on 08435 048 787.

For customers that have ordered a new EE sim only package, it will be delivered by second class mail. All ordering including broadband or EE TV will be subject to a £6 one off charge.

Lost Phones

You will need to call EE immediately on 08435 048 787 if your device has been lost and stolen and they will immediately block your sim and IMEI. You need to make sure you call straight away as you will be charged for all calls/activity on your phone until you contact EE. This is not as important if you are a Pay As You Go customer as you won’t have to pay anything, however, someone else may be using your remaining minutes until you call and get your sim blocked.

Safety and Security

Using the EE contact number you will be able to speak to a member of the EE customer service team to find out more concerning:

  • Content Lock – find out how to restrict certain internet content
  • Security – Get support with online security, antivirus products & parental controls
  • Insurance – find out more about EE’s full cover and damage cover

Setting up your 4GEE Action Camera

Use the EE contact number to find out more information on how to buy the 4GEE Action Cam and Capture Cam. Rivaling GoPro these HD cameras are the latest addition to the EE range of products. With the ability to stream content as it happens over 4GEE, you can invite friends and family to view online.

For help and advice on setting up your action cam, watch the short video below.

EE Cooling Off Period

Call EE to find out more about your legal rights concerning buying from EE. You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period with EE – if you change your mind with an order, you can return it. For the latest up to date information, you need to either call EE to speak to anEE customer services agent or visit the website for further information –

T-Mobile and Orange Customer Services

The EE contact number on 08435 048 787 is completely available for all T-Mobile and Orange customers. By choosing the correct option from your telephone keypad you will able to speak to the correct representative that provides your service.

The T-Mobile and Orange customers can still receive excellent customer care and support from EE. They have access to all the latest EE products and services and excellent network coverage. If an Orange or T-Mobile wishes to speak to an EE customer services advisor then contact EE on 08435 048 787.

About EE

EE were born in 2010 through the merger of T-Mobile and Orange. They are now the largest mobile operator in the UK and have approximately 28 million customers as well as being the biggest 4G operator in Europe.

EE have nearly 600 stores up and down the UK and employ over 13000 people. They were the first company to operate the superfast 4G mobile service back in 2012 and their coverage can now reach over 80% of the population of the UK (2G has 99% coverage and 3G 98%).

Check the coverage using the EE Coverage checker –

EE are an award winning company which has been recognised as being one of the best and fastest networks in the country. If you want to join them then speak to an advisor on 08435 048 787.

Short Video – 3G vs 4G

EE For Business

EE provides telecoms services for Small Business, Large Business and Public Sector.
Small Business owners which include up to 50 employees and sole traders have the ability to take from EE a business grade service for their telecommunication requirements. Contact the EE customer services team to discuss the latest offers and the account management services available. Large Business Clients can benefit from EE being awarded Londons top network award from Rootscore. From mobile App development to secure mobile data networks, contact the customer services team to direct your call. EE provide many large clients in the public sector that include organisations in local & central government, health and emergency services, education and others.

By providing the latest technology of devices like tablets and smartphones, the EE Business clients have strong options and choices to make to compliment the way in which they work and want to work.

Contact EE Customer Service today on 08435 048 787 for further information on the latest products and services. Alternatively visit there website directly at


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