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08435 041 211

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Contact EE Customer Service between:
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday to Sunday 8am to 6pm

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Existing customers

Contact EE Customer Service

The Merger of T-Mobile, Orange and France Telekom created the largest UK network called Everything Everywhere (EE).

All customers that belonged to either of the companies that were merged can use our EE Contact Number to Contact EE on 08435 04 1211.

T-Mobile and Orange customers can call 08435 04 1211 to speak to the appropriate representative to help and advise on new sales.

New EE Customers

Using the EE Contact Number you can Contact EE to help provide help:

  • New Handsets
  • Phone Upgrades
  • Accounts and Billing Enquiries
  • Broadband and Superfast Broadband Services
  • Unlocking your Handset
  • Lost and Stolen Phones
  • Discussing the new mobile phones in the market
  • Android and IOS devices
  • The new Sony Z5
  • The new Iphone 7 and 7 Plus devices from Apple
  • Pre-Order the Samsung S8

EE Account

By creating an EE Account, you will be able to manage your EE broadband and EE mobile account. Once you create and log into your EE account you will be able to view your bills, manage your mobiles and view upcoming upgrades. In order to create an EE account, you should visit EE’s website. You are also able to use the EE mobile app to login to your EE account and manage your features. If you need any further support creating an EE account or are encountering any problems, then you should contact EE customer services. By calling EE you will be able to receive help with the following:

  • How to create an EE account
  • Unable to login to EE account
  • Reset your EE password or PIN
  • View upgrades on your EE account
  • Suspicious activity on your account
  • How to view your bills with EE
  • Where is your account number?
  • How to download the EE app
  • Problems using the EE mobile app

EE Mobiles

EE are one of the leading mobile phone providers in the UK, offering SIM only or contract deals. If you are already an EE mobile customer and you are facing any problems, or having any questions then contact EE customer services using the phone number provided. Alternatively, if you are not an EE customer but would like more information about EE mobiles, then call EE using the EE support number provided. EE customer services can provide support relating to:

  • EE mobiles
  • How to setup your mobile phone
  • Switch to EE for mobiles
  • How much will a mobile from EE cost?
  • EE mobile contract
  • EE SIM only mobiles
  • Lost or stolen mobiles
  • EE upgrades

EE Broadband & EE Fibre Broadband

Contact the EE broadband team to discuss your broadband and fibre broadband services. Contact EE Customer Service on 08435 04 1211 to discuss if you are:

  • Moving home and need to re-locate your service
  • Wanting to understand how much speed you can receive upgrading to Fibre Broadband
  • The current discounts and offers available you as a home user and as a business user
  • Wanting to understand how mobile 4G services can benefit you while you are on the move
  • You can contact the EE Team to find out more about the call packages available
    EE can provide you with Insurance for your mobile phones, contact the EE team to find out more
  • How to get your device online and connect to the internet

EE Customer Service

Contact EE customer service for Help and Assistance. They can help you with;

  • Setting up your device
  • Keeping your existing number if you want to transfer
  • Swapping out and activating your new sim card
  • Contact EE about staying safe online
  • Explaining your bill and payments
  • Checking your EE Internet services
  • Setting up your new broadband connection
  • Adding users and devices to your home network
  • Contact EE to improve security and parental security
  • Calling Non Geo Graphic numbers
  • Managing your addons
  • Advice on travelling abroad and outside Eurpope
  • Understanding how to transfer from Orange and T-Mobile to EE
  • Call EE to speak to a person every-time – direct dial for UK customers

Our CCN Service

All phone numbers provided by are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone providers Access Charge.

We are not responsible for your phone providers Access Charge. This charge is not set by and we have no control over it. You need to speak to your phone or mobile provider to understand the costs of calling an 0843 number. Check our Call Charges page for further information. Is Not affiliated with this company or business. We are not associated to any of the listed companies, businesses or organisations on our website. We are a phone number directory service that operates a call handling platform that routes your call through our 0843 numbers to the company you are trying to contact. Our service provides a helpful solution if you are in a hurry, and/or have been unable to find the contact number for the company you are wishing to call.

A cheaper contact number may be available elsewhere on the internet or the website of the company you are wishing to call.

Before using our service please make sure you contact your telecom provider to find the exact charges calling an 0843 number before using our service.

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