EON Energy Contact Number

EON Contact Number

08435 040 890

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Use the EON contact number between:
Mon to Fri 8am to 8pm
Sat 8am to 4pm


Contact EON

If you need to speak to E-on customer services team, use the EON Contact number on 08435 040890.

Lines are open Monday to Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30am-4pm.

E-on is one of the UK’s top 5 energy supplier with over 5 million customers in the UK.


You can get a quote from E-on either through their website www.eonenergy.com or over the phone by contacting Eon customer services on 08435 040890. Utility tariffs can be confusing, so for more information on what suits you, contact EON.

Whether you want dual fuel or standalone gas or electricity E-on have competitive tariffs as well as fixed price deals. They have three tariffs available depending on your needs as well as an age UK tariff for the over 60’s.

YOUR Monthly Bill

Use the EON contact number to speak to someone regarding your bills and payments.

If you are concerned that your bill is too high then you can also speak to one of the customer services advisors. They will be able to help.

Reasons for a bill being higher than you expect are:

  • the bill could be estimated, in that case provide an up to date meter reading and your bill would be adjusted accordingly.
  • there may have been a balance brought forward if your bill wasn’t paid in full last time
  • your fixed rate tariff may have come to an end or there could have been a price increase
  • you could have been using more energy.
  • If you still are unsure as to why your bill may be different then call 08435 040890.

The easiest way to pay for your bill is by monthly direct debit. Contact E-on customer services on 08435 040890 to set that up. The team will recommend a monthly amount for you.

You will need to have to hand your account number and an up to date meter reading. You will also need your bank or card details. You can choose what date to make a payment on.

If you are having trouble paying then you must contact the eon customer services team as soon as possible. They will take your individual circumstances into account when trying to help. You must ensure you contact E-on as soon as you can to prevent them taking further action against you.


If you wish to make an official complaint to EON, then contact EON on 08435 040 890.

If you are not satisfied, the complaint can be escalated. All complaints are aimed to be dealt with within two days of being received. If E-on concede to any wrongdoings then they may write to apologise or provide appropriate compensation as a goodwill gesture.

If you are still unhappy with how the outcome then E-on will do an internal review of your case. This will include how it has been dealt with. They will aim to come back to you within a couple of days. If you are still unhappy then you can pass your complaint onto the energy Ombudsman.


If you are moving home to a new location then you will need to contact E-on. As soon as you know when you are moving you will also need to have to hand:

  • closing meter readings
  • your account number
  • your details
  • your current address & your new address details.

If you wish to cancel your tariff or move it with you, EON will help accordingly. If you are moving to EON and moving to a new home, EON will help with both.


You can provide your meter readings over the phone by using the EON Contact Number  on 08435 040890. You can also do it online by logging into your account.

Once you have provided your meter readings to E-on, they will issue you with a new bill within a couple of days.

Depedning on the usage from your home, the payments will either increase or decrease.

To find out more information on how you can make your home more efficient, contact EON for more information.


E-on came into existence in 2000 and acquired Powergen in the UK in January 2002. E-on is one of the largest utility companies in the world, they operate in over 30 countries and have over 33 million customers worldwide and 5 million in the UK alone. E-on are committed to improving their existing energy stations as well as utilising other power sources such as wind farms and water to produce more of their energy. E-on can also claim to have the first wave power generator in the UK.

E-on have listened to their customers’ needs and have done what they can to make things simpler. Gone are the lengthy and complicated bills and tariffs that are typically associated with utility providers, bills have become simpler and easier to read and there are now only four main tariffs to choose from.

E-on are also very proud to have been winners of Large Supplier of the Year award at the uSwitch energy awards 2014 and have excellent standards of service having spent a lot of time speaking to their current customers to see what ideas they have to improve customer satisfaction. They have increased staffing levels so the customers are connected to an advisor faster, created ‘how to’ videos which should mean less need to call them as well as making changes to their online registration.


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