Google Play Contact Number

Google Play Contact Number

Contact Google Play between:
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
Sat & Sun 9am to 5pm

08435 04 8811

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Use the Google Play Contact Number for:
Hardware Devices
Google Pixel
Google Play Store
Online Purchases
Google Chromecast
Google Pixel

Contact Google Play

Use the Google Play contact number on 08435 04 8811 to speak to one of the Google Play representatives for any problems or help with their products or services.

The best place for support information is on the Google Plays help support centre website at You maybe able to find the information you are looking for and resolve your problem without making a call to Google.

The website provides information on firstly getting started with Google Play, but also includes:

  • Learning the Basics
  • Getting to the Google Play Store app
  • Downloading Apps
  • Downloading Digital Content
  • Password Setup
  • Making Purchases
  • Account Management
  • Special offers
  • New Devices – Pixel, DayDream, Chromecast Ultra
  • Google Play Support

Contact Google Play about using Google Play and downloading Android Apps to your mobile phone, your tablet and other devices. Also, how to update apps and how to re-install previously bought apps after re-storing an old phone or transferring to a new mobile android device.

If you are an ex IOS user, then calling Google Play will help you understand the differences and how Android is similar. Call Google on 08435 04 8811.

Google Play Customer Service

Contact Google Play Customer Service to understand how to install android products on your devices. The Google Play representative will advise you further on installing:

  • Apps and Games – Google will provide support on how to install apps to your devices.
  • Google Play Books – Information on how to install Google Play Books and where your downloaded books can be found.
  • Google Play Movies and TV – You will be able to find out how to install movies and how to watch them on your devices.
  • Google Play Music – You can learn how to download music from the Google Play Store and where the music is stored on your phone.
  • Google Play Entertainment – Get information on the latest entertainment available.
  • Google Play Newsstand – How to install the latest Android news applications.
  • Problems with Google Play Devices.
  • Google Support for Chromecast, Google Home, Google WiFi & Google Gnome.
  • Google Devices – Google Home, Google Pixel

Google Play Billing

On the Google Play store, some apps need to be purchased in order to be downloaded and used. Some apps are free to download and use however some can cost over £10. It is important that you double check if there is a cost before downloading the app to prevent accidental purchases.

The price of an app is located in red next to the app. If there is no price displayed on the app, then it means it is free to download. It is important to note that some applications, even free apps, can offer in-app purchases or subscriptions too. In order to look at your Google Play billing history you will need to sign into your account either on the Google Play app or on the Google Play website.

Once signed into the app, you will need to select Account and then Order History. On the website, you will need to scroll down to review your orders. If you notice any suspicious activity on your Google Play billing or you have any concerns, you will need to contact Google Play instantly. You can contact Google Play by calling the Google Play contact number, 08435 04 8811. Google Play will be able to provide professional support and advice with:

  • How to view your Google Play bill
  • Issues purchasing an app on the Google Play Store
  • Unable to view Google Play billing
  • Payment methods available for Google Play
  • Change Google Play payment method
  • Suspicious activity on your Google Play bill
  • You bill is higher than expected
  • Your Google Play billing explained
  • How to know the cost of an app
  • Cancel an in-game subscription
  • Google Play refunds
  • Parental locks on Google Play Store

Google Chromebook Support

Contact Chromebook support by using the Google Play contact number on 08435 04 8811. Chromebooks are available from several different hardware providers. Common suppliers are Samsung & Acer. Contact Google Chromebook if you are having problems with Google applications on your Google Chromebook.

By using the Google Play Support Number, you will be able to find out more information on:

  • Switching over to Chromebook from Windows or Mac
  • How to setup your Chromebook device
  • Getting your Chromebook ready for offline working
  • Setting up your Gmail Account on your Chromebook
  • Using Google Play applications on your Chromebook
  • Using the Chrome Web Store
  • Synchronising your Music, Photos & Videos
  • Storing your files in the cloud
  • Android on Chromecast

Google Devices

Google provide a range of hardware devices. For more information, use the Google Play contact number to contact Google.

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Pixelbook
  • Google Pixel Buds
  • Google Home

Google Mobile Services

Use the Google Play Contact Number to speak to Google about Google Mobile Services:

  • Google Search – The Google app is the best and fastest for all Android devices.
  • Google Chrome – Google Chrome lets mobile users save up to 50% on data while browsing.
  • YouTube – With YouTube App users can watch the latest videos.
  • Google Play Store – More than 1 million Apps including eBooks, Millions of Songs and thousands Movies
  • Google Drive – Store and Share data in the cloud.
  • Google Mail – Register a Gmail account and collect your emails online and on your mobile devices.
  • Google Duo – Video Calling for Android Users
  • Google Maps – Use Google Maps on your mobile and tablet devices.
  • Google Photos – Backup you photos from your camera phone and send them to the cloud to be viewed at a later date.
  • Google Videos – Login online and watch Videos on your device.
  • Google Music – Pay a monthly fee and listen to music 24/7.

Google Play Downloads

In order to get an app from the Google Play store, you need to either purchase it and then download it, or, if it is free, you can download it immediately. To download apps, you need to open the Google Play store app and browse for the app you want to download. Once you locate the app that you want, you need to tap install, if it is free, or tap on the price of the app.

You can also login to Google online from any PC / Laptop or tablet device and download Apps to your mobile phone remotely.

After you follow the instructions that appear, your app will then begin to download. After the app has finished downloading, it will be available to use and where the app is located on your screen, is dependent upon what type of app you have installed. It is important that you ensure your device has enough storage before you begin to download the app as if not, then it will not download.

When you purchase an app from the Google Play store, it will be saved to your account. This means any other devices that are connected to this account will be able to download the app for free. If you would like to receive more information regarding Google Play downloads, then it is best to contact Google Play, using the Google Play contact number, 08435 048 811. The Google Play contact number allows you to speak to the google play customer service team with regards to any Google Play download queries you may have. You may need to call Google Play for any support with:

  • Unable to download apps from the Google Play store
  • Where to find apps you have downloaded
  • How to clear storage on your device
  • Linking your Google Play account to multiples
  • Google Play store downloads troubleshooting
  • How to prevent accidental purchases or downloads
  • Download settings for Google Play
  • Specific apps can’t be downloaded
  • Can you download multiple apps at once?
  • Pre-ordering apps
  • How to delete a Google Play app
  • Can you add a password to Google Play downloads?

How to use Google Play

Google Play is the marketplace or app store for Android smartphones and tablets. Android users can use the Google Play store to download apps to their devices for free or at a cost. On the Google Play store, there are thousands of apps available for customers to download, such as games, movies & tv, music, digital books and news. Google Play apps can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets, computers, android tvs and chromebooks. To download an app from the Google Play store you simply open the store and search for an app you want to download. Once you find the app you would like to install, you simply select the install button and the installation will begin. If you need any support with how to use the Google Play store, or are encountering any problems, then you can contact Google Play using the Google Play contact number, 08435 04 8811. You may need to contact Google Play for support with:

  • Google Play on smartphones
  • Using Google Play on android tablets
  • How to use the Google Play store on the computer
  • Google Play on Android TV
  • The Google Play store on chromebooks
  • Google Play isn’t working
  • Unable to download apps from the Google Play store
  • Google Play store will not load
  • Troubleshooting Google Play
  • Signing into Google Play
  • Google Play payment methods
  • General questions/enquiries

Purchasing On Google Play

By using the Google Play contact number, you can receive information about Payment methods on Google Play and how to change your google account details.
If you are unsure about the security of your account then you can contact Google Play to get help on changing you security options on your account and password.

You can also talk to a Google Play Representative about different charges and taxes related to the different countries worldwide.
For more information about Google Play Gift Cards, Special offers and promotional codes call Google Play Customer Service for any questions you may want to ask.

If you are unable to buy android apps/books/music/films from the Google Play Store then you can call Google Play on 08435 04 8811 to receive help about your problem.

For any problems regarding Gift Codes, special offers or promotional offers then Google Play will offer you all the help you need in order to resolve the problem.

If your credit card is not allowing you to make purchases on the Google Play Store then you should either call Google Play on 08435 04 8811 or your credit card provider whose number can be found on our website.

Google Play for Parents

Use the Google Play contact number to find out more information on how to protect your children using Google Play. Use the Google Play customer service number to help you:

  • Restricting mature content to your kids.
  • Preventing accidental purchases.
  • Advice with password protection.
  • Using the Google Play Family Library
  • Informaton on Ads and in-purchase items
  • Ads in family Apps

Managing Multiple Devices

Google Play Support will help you synchronise your devices and guide you along signing into the same account on another device.
General advice will be offered by the Google Play representatives if you call them on 08435 04 8811.
If you do not know how to remove Google accounts from your device or are encountering problems whilst doing so, then the Google Play Team will offer all the advice that you need to fix the problem.

Accounts and Passwords Recovery

Google Play’s representatives can provide information on adding accounts and sub accounts onto your account.
Problems regarding passwords for your Google Account can be resolved by calling Google Play Support.
If you have forgotten your password or would like to change your password for your Google Account then please contact Google Play on 08435 04 8811 for more information on how to do so.

What is Google Pixel?

Pixel is the first mobile phone made by Google. For more information use the Google Play Contact Number. The Google Pixel starts from £599. Features include:

  • 5.0′ Display
  • Optional AMOLED Display
  • 12.3 MP Camera
  • Qualcomm Processors
  • 4GB Ram

Choose between the Pixel & the Pixel XL. New features include Good Assistant, Video Calling and different colours from Silver to Black.

Google Pixel 2

Google DayDream View

Google DayDream is Googles new Virtual Reality service giving users a deep selection of immersible projects. Watch the video below or use the Google Play contact number for further information or alternatively, visit the Google Play Store.

Google Home

Visit the Google website to purchase Google Home. Google Home is a Hands Free Smart Speaker. It is a smart speaker because it is powered by Google Assistant.

You can talk to Google Home by asking questions and gathering information on translations, calculations to help the kids homework or the latest nutritional information.

You can also use Google Home to control aspects of your home life. You can control your:

  • Lights
  • Temperature
  • Thermostats
  • Switches

Other compatible devices are needed to be implemented. Contact Google Play or visit the Google Play website for more information.

Google Gnome

Complimenting Google Home, Google have recently launched Google Gnome. Google are revolutionising the smart home and their latest service enables the Smart Yard. Watch the Google Gnome video below for a better understanding of the product. If you want more information or additional help, contact Google Customer Service to find out more.

Google Refunds & Google Returns Policy

Google Play will offer advice and general information about their refund policy if you use the Google Play Contact Number on 08435 04 8811.

To check if you are able to receive a refund on a purchase from the Google Play Store then you should contact Google Play and speak to Google Play Customer Service. Refunds are treated differently depending on what you have bought. These are categorised under:

  • Apps Games & In App Purchases
  • Google Play Movies & TV Refunds
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Newsstand
  • Google Play Giftcards

Instructions on how to cancel a purchase from the Google Play Store can be received by contacting Google Play.

You can request a refund from:

  • The developer of the Application
  • Contact Google Play

Google Play Chromecast Ultra – what is it and do you need help?

Online Access

By logging into your Google Play account online you can take advantage of managing your account and your devices online. By logging in online, you can:

  • Uninstall, disable & delete apps
  • Check all support devices
  • Add and Use multiple accounts to your device
  • Re-Install and re-enable apps

Use the Google Play contact number to find out more information and speak to google customer service.

Google Play Music

Stream & buy music from the Google Play Store to your local device. You can download Google Music to your Android device and sign up to become a new user. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device and visit the Apple App Store if your are a Apple iPhone user.

Within the Google Play Entertainment products you can share with the rest of your family. These include:

  • Apps
  • Music
  • Movies & TV
  • Books
  • News

You can download all the latest Music that is available which includes:

  • Albums
  • New Releases
  • Recommendations
  • Singles

Google Play Movies & Videos

With your Google Play account you can buy and rent TV Programmes and Movies to your Android and IOS devices. Google Play can provide:

  • Latest Movies
  • Top TV Episodes
  • Top TV Shows
  • Shows available for Families
  • Channels that include HBO. BBC, Nickelodean & Discovery Channels

Use the Google Play Contact Number to speak to Google Customer Service to get help and further advice on any Google Entertainment services.

Google Play Books

Google also provide a huge selection of digital books to download to your latest devices. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android and IOS device to check what is available. Google Play have Books that are ideal for all the family.

Contact Google Play to find out more or if you require assistance with any of the Play Books you have purchased.

Google Play: Get Stuff Done Apps Collection

For further information visit the Google Play Website.

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