ITV Complaints Contact Number

ITV Complaints Contact Number

08439 021 752

itv contact number

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ITV Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint to the TV network ITV, whether it be regarding their programme content or even a complaint about reception issues, you can contact their ‘Viewer Services’ team on 08439 021 752 (option four).

You can contact ITV’s viewer service’s team to voice your complaints on a number of factors such as:

  • Taken offence to their programme material.
  • Felt their content was unsuitable for the allocated time slot (watershed programmes begin at 9pm).
  • nappropriate advertisement.
  • Reception issues with the network.

ITV History

Following its launch in 1955, ITV is officially the oldest commercial network in the UK as following the passing of the legislation of permitting the first commercial TV network under the ‘Television Act 1954’, ITV was effectively a network constructed to rival the longstanding BBC. Subsequently, ITV as a network was founded not by a singular owner but by a series of licenses which were established first in London (1955) and soon began to spread throughout the country to fourteen different regions.

As the network was founded by regional licenses, ITV became notoriously recognised for its homegrown programmes that can still be found today under the network’s arguably most famous soap opera, Coronation Street. The network in more recent times has however come under criticism for its favouring of reality TV and celebrity shows such as ‘The X Factor’, ‘Love Island’, ‘Britain’s got talent’ etc. due to advertising companies being reluctant to pay for their TV space around lower viewed programmes. The network that now contains three more channels under ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 have come under scrutiny for the declining of viewings of its more regionally produced programmes.

Global Affairs

Alongside the broadcasting of fictional narratives, ITV is required to televise global affairs to its audience as the network does fall under the public sector category. A timeslot for news bulletins has always been allocated under the network ever since its initial launch and in terms of modern times, this still can be found under its breakfast shows such as ‘Good morning Britain’ and ‘Lorraine’ whilst also holding evening slots for ‘ITV News’ and ‘North East Tonight.’ ITV’s news channels have always focused on a range of subjects including worldwide affairs, celebrity lives and interviews, the weather and also hold a strong focus on sport. In terms of sport, ITV has always predominantly held a special focal point on football and up until 2016, held the TV rights to broadcast Champions League games before losing out to BT Sport. The network has however always held the rights for the England national team, in which 16.9m viewers tuned in to watch the Euro 2016 England vs Iceland match and the network has since agreed a new deal to broadcast England’s games up until 2022, including the Euro 2020 qualifies and 2022 World Cup.

In general, ITV have always maintained themselves as one of the most watched networks in the UK and continue to battle out with the BBC for top spot. In fact ITV on their generic website published the statistic that 98% all commercial programmes that achieved more than 5m viewers were on their network alone.

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