Minecraft Contact Number

Minecraft Contact Number

A Minecraft Contact Number doesn’t exist at the moment but you can get further help from your console / gaming provider below:

PlayStation Support08439 033 004

Xbox Support08435 043 336

Android / Google Support08435 042 212

IOS / Apple Support 08435 043 243

PC World08435 041 111

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Using the Mojang Minecraft contact number and console numbers, you will be able to gain help for:

Getting Started

  • Setting up a Minecraft or Mojang Account
  • Verifying your email address for your Minecraft Account
  • How to add / remove card and bank details from your Accounts
  • How to purchase and download Minescraft
  • Changing your password for Minecraft
  • How to connect to the Internet Servers on Minecraft
  • How to setup multiple users for Minecraft
  • How to setup a Minecraft Server

PC In-Game Issues

  • Freezing on the Minecraft loading screen.
  • Freezing whilst playing Minecraft.
  • How to increase your frames per second.
  • Minecraft Realms is not working.
  • Can’t connect to Minecraft Servers.
  • How to update your Minecraft.
  • Minecraft is not responding.

PC Storage/Memory Issues

  • How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.
  • How to recover lost worlds or saves.
  • How to install mods on Minecraft.
  • How to reduce memory on Minecraft.
  • If your Minecraft doesn’t have enough space to run.
  • Use the appropriate Minecraft contact number for further help.

PlayStation or Xbox Issues with Minecraft

  • Contact PlayStation regarding Minecraft issues on 08435 041 004
  • Contact Xbox regarding Minecraft issues on 08435 043 336.
  • How to purchase Minecraft on the PlayStation or Xbox console.
  • Not enough memory on PlayStation or Xbox to download or update Minecraft.
  • Minecraft keeps freezing on the PlayStation or Xbox.
  • Not able to join other players worlds on Minecraft on the PlayStation or Xbox.
  • Trouble transferring world saves from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4 or from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One.

IOS/Android Issues with Minecraft

  • For issues with the IOS version of Minecraft please contact Apple on 08435 043 243
  • For help with the Android version please contact Google Play on 08435 042 212.
  • Unable to download Minecraft on either the IOS or Android version.
  • Minecraft keeps freezing on the IOS or Android version.
  • Can’t update Minecraft on the IOS or Android Version.
  • For further help, use the appropriate Minecraft contact number.

History of Mojang

Mojang, a Swedish video game developer, was founded by Markus Persson in May 2009. Mojang is best known for creating and developing the second best-selling game ever, Minecraft. On the 6th November 2014, Microsoft completed its purchase of Miojang for $2.5billion.


Minecraft was originally created for just PC and released on November 18th 2011 however it is now available across a range of platforms including PlayStation, Xbox and Apple or Android. Minecraft allows players to explore and roam 3D worlds made up of different textured blocks.

Players around the world are at challenge of either building endless structures or surviving against different varieties of mobs. There are four different game modes for Minecraft as well as the game changing multiplayer option. Survival is the most common game mode played on Minecraft which gives the players the challenge of surviving against endless waves of mobs.

The player must collect resources from mines or find them from pre-built structures, such as villages or temples. If the player dies then they have the ability to respawn and can try and find their items, which they had in the inventory at their time of dying, or they can return home and gather new resources.

Minecraft has no end goal however players tend to say they have completed the game once they have killed the Ender Dragon, one of the monstrous bosses which can be located in The End.

Hard Core Mode

For an even bigger challenge, the player can play hard-core mode where if the player dies then they cannot re-spawn and must delete the world, forever. However, if the player is up for just building anything they can imagine then they can enjoy the laid back creative mode. The player is given the ability to fly and does not have to collect any resources as they are all already available to be selected to immediately start building. The newest game mode added to Minecraft is the adventure mode.

This allows players to play maps created by other people from around the world. Minecraft doesn’t have to be played solo. People can play with each other by creating a server or joining servers that already exists. Through joining a server, players are welcomed to a completely different side of Minecraft as there are thousands of mini-games to be played, such as Survival Games, a spin-off of the famous film, The Hunger Games.

Players can also play together on Minecraft Realms, a newly added feature, costing a player £8 a month. Instead of thousands of players being on one server at once, Minecraft Realms allows the player, whom is paying the monthly subscription, to invite only his friends to his Realm so they can play together without anybody else joining their game.


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