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NEXT is a British fashion and home interiors retailer with over 500 shops in the UK and Ireland. They also trade online with the NEXT Directory, and have nearly 200 franchised outlets in more than 40 countries around the globe.
You can use the Next contact number by calling them on 08435 042 150.
In 1864 a gentleman’s tailoring service called Joseph Hepworth and Son was established in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Over the next 150 years, that business grew to be the parent company of what would eventually become the NEXT group.
However, it was 1982 when the first branded NEXT store opened, selling only clothes for women. Two years later the company started selling men’s clothing and in 1985 they branched out into selling homewares in their Regent Street department store. When sales of children’s clothing began in 1987, the range as we now know it was complete.Right from the start, the NEXT brand was thought of as aspirational but affordable. It has its own distinctive style and is considered to be good quality and good value for money.
In 1988 the NEXT Directory mail order catalogue was launched and the online version was introduced in 1999 to make it even easier for customers to browse through their extensive collections of stylish clothing, footwear and accessories, and contemporary homewares.
NEXT assures customers of a standard next day delivery on most of their shopping orders and there are now more than three million Directory customers. It is estimated that around 80% of NEXT home shopping is done through the internet rather than through the printed Directory.
Next Contact Number 08435 042 150. When London hosted the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, NEXT was the official clothing and homeware supplier. They supplied Team GB’s opening and closing ceremony outfits and also produced the uniforms for all the technical officials and reception staff. They even supplied the bed linens and other home textiles that were used in the athletes’ village. 

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