PlayStation Contact Number

PlayStation Contact Number

08439 033 004

All calls are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. We are a call-forwarding service using our own 0843 telephone numbers and we are not associated or affiliated to any company on this website.

Contact Sony PlayStation between:
Monday to Saturday: 10.30am to 7pm
Sundays: Closed

PlayStation Contact Number for:
PlayStation Network (PSN)
PlayStation 4 Pro
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 2
PlayStation Classic
PlayStation PSX
PlayStation Store & PS Now

Sony Playstation Contact Number

The Sony PlayStation Contact Number gives you direct access to technical support and the PlayStation Support & customer services team. They are available Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 7pm to give you the PlayStation help you need.

By calling PlayStation Support, a member of the PlayStation customer services team will be able to help you with a variety of problems and queries. See below for further information.

  • PlayStation Support
  • PlayStation Consoles
  • PlayStation Network
  • PlayStation VR
  • PlayStation Billng
  • PlayStation Store

Contact PlayStation Technical Support & Faults

Contact PlayStation if you are experiencing any faults with your device. A member of the team will be happy to help and advise of your current warranty and liability of getting your device fixed. For Sony PlayStation faults call PlayStation on – 08439 033 004.

Using the Sony PlayStation contact number on 08439 033 004you will also be able to access the Sony PlayStation team to gain help to:

  • Find out more about PlayStation products
  • Access to PSN
  • Information on PlayStation Plus
  • Problems with PlayStation Updates
  • More detailed information is further below
  • Solving PSN Problems
  • Setting up UHD 4K on the PS4 Pro
  • Repairs & Faults
  • PlayStation Support

Contact The PlayStation Network (PSN)

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is used by millions of users across the world – use the Playstation contact number to speak to the PlayStation customer services team to understand how the PSN can open up your world of gaming and how you can connect to them via the internet. The PlayStation Network also opens up the to you the PlayStation Store with access to online updates, patches, gaming, videos, music, remote gaming and much more.

If you are experiencing problems with your PSN account and cannot connect to the service, use the PlayStation contact number on 08439 033 004. If you require PlayStation Support – visit the PSN website for status updates.

Your Broadband Service – Before you call the PlayStation Contact Number to get PlayStation Support, it is wise to check your internet service beforehand. If you cannot connect to the PSN Network or you cannot play online multiplayer games, your Internet Service Provider might be the problem. Contact your Internet Service Provider to investigate any problems with your service but turning off your Internet / Broadband router and then turning it back on may help.

PlayStation Linking 3rd Party Services

On the PlayStation, you are able to link 3rd party services to your PSN account. You are able to link your Twitter accounts, Facebook account, YouTube account, Twitch account and many more.

By linking your accounts, you can transfer data, such as, video clips, screenshots or audio, between the PlayStation console and the 3rd party application. You must have an internet connection in order to be able to transfer data from your PlayStation to a 3rd party and vice versa.

To link a 3rd party service to your PlayStation Network Account you need to go to the PlayStation 4 main menu and select the settings tab. Next, you need to select account management and then link with other services. Here you will see a list of the different 3rd party applications that you can connect to. Select one of the applications and then enter your login credentials for that 3rd party application or, create a new account for the app.

If you would ever like to unlink the service from your PSN account, then you just need to select the application and un-check it. If you have any questions or encounter any problems when linking 3rd party services to your PlayStation Network account, then contact PlayStation Network by calling, 08435 04 8864. You may need to call PSN for support with:

  • Unable to link 3rd Party service with PSN account
  • Not able to login to Twitter from PlayStation
  • Video clips won’t share to YouTube from PlayStation Account
  • Not able to unlink a 3rd Party service from your PlayStation Network account
  • How to share data from PlayStation to an application
  • Poor PlayStation Network connection
  • Can’t login to your PSN account
  • How to sign out of a 3rd party account on your PlayStation
  • PlayStation won’t connect to 3rd Party service

Accounts, Billing & Your PlayStation Wallet

To add funds to your PlayStation wallet and setup payments within the PlayStation Store and on your PlayStation accounts, then use the PlayStation Support number on 08439 033 004. You will be helped setting up your new account, adding Visa & MasterCard payments and setting up parental access.

There is lots of online content and information available directly through your PlayStation and also available on the help section within the PlayStation website. You can find the PlayStation manuals online at

If you are having problems with understanding accounts and the setting up of sub accounts then visit the PlayStation website –

Alternatively use the PlayStation Contact number listed above.

PlayStation Vita Support

The playstation contact number, 08439 033 004, will allow you to speak with PlayStation customer service and therefore can be used to gain expert and professional support with the PlayStation vita.

There are many different subjects the PlayStation number allows you to receive help with regarding the PlayStation vita. The most popular reasons to contact PlayStation support, regarding the vita, are for help with:

  • PlayStation vita account
  • PlayStation store and billing
  • The PS vita and PlayStation Plus
  • System hardware and software
  • PlayStation vita accessories
  • PS vita services
  • Games for the PlayStation vita

PlayStation Vita Account

You are able to use the PlayStation vita to create a Playstation vita account that can be used on your PS vita. In order to create a PlayStation vita account, you need to have a working internet connection. Once you create your PlayStation vita account, and sign in, you are able to use the PlayStation Network features and services.

If you already have a PlayStation account, then you do not have to create a new account, you can just sign in on your PS vita. If you require any support or guidance with PS vita accounts, then you can contact PlayStation using the PlayStation customer support number. You may need support regarding:

  • Creating or closing a PlayStation account
  • How to change your PSN details
  • You have forgot your login details for your PS vita account
  • Suspicious activity on your PSN account
  • Your account has been suspended or banned
  • Adding a 2 step verification system
  • Unable to create a PlayStation account on your PlayStation vita
  • Activate your PS vita with your account
  • Your PlayStation account is banned your vita

PlayStation Vita Store and Billing

On the PlayStation vita you are able to purchase items and games from the PlayStation store and download them straight onto your device. There is a huge variety of vita games that are able to be purchased from the PlayStation store, including popular titles, such as Minecraft. Items and games can be purchased from the PlayStation Store by adding funds to your wallet.

The PS vita store accepts many different payment methods that can be used to top up your PlayStation wallet. Some payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Orange, O2 and Vodafone. In order to receive more information about the PlayStation vita store and PS vita billing, you can call the PlayStation number, 08439 033 004, to speak to PlayStation customer services. If you contact PlayStation, you will be able to receive expert help with:

  • PS Vita pre-orders
  • All PlayStation store payment methods
  • How to use a PlayStation voucher code
  • Change your PlayStation payment method
  • How to add a payment method to your PS vita account
  • PS vita refunds
  • Cancel a purchase you have made
  • Can’t purchase games from the PlayStation vita store
  • A suspicious purchase has been made on your PSN account
  • View your PlayStation billing history

Redeeming PlayStation Codes

if you are having problems redeeming PlayStation codes then use the PlayStation contact number to speak to PlayStation support for PlayStation Help. The video below is useful.

PlayStation Plus for PS4

PlayStation Plus is an online service provided by PlayStation which gives free games and online content and allows you to play online with your PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 users don’t have to sign up for PlayStation Plus as online gaming for older versions of PlayStation is free. PlayStation Plus gives you some great benefits:

  • Subscribe from as little as £3.33 per month
  • Get 24 games a year for free
  • Exclusive online content and discounts for the PS Store
  • Access to share play – so you can share games with friends
  • 10Gb of cloud storage for your PS4 game saves

To find out more about connecting your PS4 online, contact a member of the PlayStation customer service team on the PlayStation contact number.Your PlayStation subscription can be paid quarterly or annually depending on your choice.

The PlayStation Store

The PlayStation store is Sony’s online marketplace for PlayStation users. Within the PlayStation store you can access a depth of digital content and media to enhance your gaming experience.

You can buy games and download them to your PlayStation device directly from the Sony PSN Network.

By using the PlayStation contact number you can also find PlayStation Help and assistance with your gamer account. You will be able to:

  • Find out about setting up parental controls for your family
  • Using gift cards for digital downloads
  • Download the latest PlayStation Games available
  • Download Movies on Demand
  • Catch up with the latest boxs sets and series
  • Check the status of your account and wallet
  • Review recent transactions
  • Download applications like Netfilx
  • Connect to PlayStation friends all over the world
  • Online Chat facility
  • Multiplayer functions
  • Discuss refunds

Contact PlayStation Store on 08439 033 004.

PlayStation PlayLink

With E3 2017 just taking place, Sony announced and revealed a huge range of new games and features coming to the PlayStation consoles.  One of Sony’s largest announcements was the introduction of PlayLink.

PlayLink is a variety of games that are specifically designed to allow players to have a more interactive and social experience, as they can be controlled directly from a mobile phone. It allows players to play multiplayer games, without the need of multiple Dualshock 4 controllers. Some examples of games that are coming to the PlayStation PlayLink are Hidden Agenda, That’s You and Frantics. The element of the game that can be controlled through your mobile phone will vary depending on the game you play.

For example, in the game Until Dawn, you will receive information on your phone, regarding secret missions that you can complete, along with the main objective in the game, however in the game Knowledge is Power you will receive quick-fire questions that you need answer as fast and accurate as possible. For any further information or support, regarding PlayStation PlayLink, contact PlayStation customer service using the PlayStation number. You may need to contact PlayStation for help with the following:

  • How to setup PlayStation PlayLink
  • Unable to setup PlayStation PlayLink
  • How to connect your mobile phone to your PlayStation console
  • PlayStation won’t recognise your mobile phone
  • Encountering a PlayLink error
  • To receive a list of all games coming to PlayLink
  • What mobile phones can be used with PlayLink
  • When will PlayStation PlayLink be released?
  • Is PlayLink on the PlayStation free?
  • How many people can use PlayLink at one time?

Playstation Now

PlayStation have launched their online streaming service that enables users to stream the latest games directly to their consoles. Contact Sony PlayStation if you are having any technical problems with the service or visit the official PlayStation website for further information.

PlayStation Now is a new way to play games. Visit the PlayStation website or Store for additional information on the latest games available. At the time of print, subscription to the service is £12.99 per month. Sony recommends a 5mb broadband connection.

Hundreds of classic PlayStation games to choose from and some are compatible across:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • PS Vita
  • PlayStation TV

Use the PlayStation contact number on 08439 033 004 to speak to a Sony PlayStation customer services agent for more information on PlayStation Support.

PlayStation Access App

The PlayStation Access App can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Access allows users to view all the latest videos from the PlayStation Access Team. These videos include gameplay from some of the biggest and newest titles, PlayStation Store highlights and the weekly Friday Feature.
PlayStation Access’ file size is 61.1MB and outputs HD Video 720p, 1080i and 1080p. For more information regarding PlayStation Access, then contact PlayStation on 08439 033 004.

You can download apps and configure your PlayStation by utilising the following programs:

  • PlayStation Video
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Video
  • PlayStation Music
  • Sky TV
  • Now TV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Live From PlayStation

If you are experiencing problems with any of the downloadable apps onto your PlayStation device then use the PlayStation Support contact number on 08439 033 004. The PlayStation Contact Number will be able to provide you with PlayStation Help where it is needed.

PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality)

PlayStation VR is Sony’s virtual reality headset that is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. The PlayStation VR can be purchased right now from many different retailers, costing around £215. Inside the PlayStation VR box you will find: HDMI Cable, USB Cable, AC Adaptor, AC Power Cord, VR Headset, Stereo Headphones, Processor Unit and some Printed Materials.

However, in order to be able to use the PlayStation VR, you will also need a PlayStation 4 console, a PlayStation camera and a PlayStation 4 controller. A guide on how to setup the PlayStation VR can be found at—hardware/general-information/ps-vr–getting-started/. If you are using the PlayStation VR and begin to feel dizzy or sick, then some tips that PlayStation recommend are: take a 15 minute break for every hour you play, sit down whilst playing and make sure your earphones are on and in the correct ear.

For the best experience when using the PlayStation VR, ensure you have at least 3m x 1.9m of space, position yourself 2m away from the PlayStation Camera and ensure that the room is dark. If you require any support regarding the PlayStation VR, then you can contact PlayStation using the PlayStation contact number 08439 033 004. The PlayStation customer service team will be able to provide help with:

  • General hints and tips with the PlayStation VR
  • How to setup the PlayStation Camera
  • The best room-setup for the PlayStation VR
  • How to setup the PlayStation VR
  • PlayStation VR won’t connect to PlayStation
  • Adjusting the PlayStation VR
  • Issues or problems with the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset
  • PlayStation VR screen re-centring and fine tuning
  • PlayStation VR and wearing glasses
  • Image quality on the PlayStation VR

For more information regarding the PlayStation VR, you can visit or contact PlayStation using the PlayStation Contact Number on 08439 033 004.

 Driver Club VR

Sparc PlayStation VR Trailer | E3 2017

Playstation Classic

The PlayStation Classic is a remaster of the original PlayStation console, allowing you to play a range of your favourite, retro games all over again. One major change to the classic console is it now supports HDMI output. It was released on 3rd December 2018 and is currently available from retailers for £89.99.  The consoles comes with 20 pre-loaded, classic games such as Grand Theft Auto, Tekken 3 and Twisted Metal. You will receive a virtual memory card in order to save your progress on games. Along with the console you will receive 2 classic controllers too. If you require any support with the PlayStation Classic console, then contact PlayStation support, using the contact number provided. If you call PlayStation, they will be able to provide you support with any of the following:

  • How to setup the PlayStation Classic Console
  • Unable to turn on the PlayStation
  • How to connect PlayStation controllers
  • PlayStation Classic HDMI Output
  • Purchasing games on the PlayStation Classic
  • PlayStation Classic internal hardware
  • How to use virtual memory card on PlayStation
  • Problems with the Classic console
  • How to save games on the Classic PlayStation

See the Promo video below and visit the PlayStation website for further information.

PlayStation Pro / PS4 Pro

Sony released the most powerful PlayStation console ever on November 10th 2016 for £349. The PlayStation 4 Pro is a much more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 and supports 4K gameplay & HDR. It is also much more supportive for the PlayStation VR, allowing a much smoother experience for gamers. The PlayStation 4 Pro sold over 40,000 units within the first week of being released in the UK. If you would like to receive more information regarding the PlayStation 4, then contact PlayStation on 08439 033 004 to speak to a member of the PlayStation customer support team.

Take a look at the PlayStation 4 Pro, the world’s most powerful console.

The new system will not be a replacement of the original PlayStation 4 as Sony has confirmed that they will be selling both versions throughout the life cycle. For the latest news on the PlayStation 4 Pro please contact PlayStation on 08439 033 004. Some information you may want to find out about the PlayStation 4 Pro may be:

  • PlayStation Pro Price
  • PlayStation Pro Release Date
  • PlayStation VR & Pro
  • General Information
  • General Enquiries or Questions
  • PlayStation Neo Specs/Hardware

if you are having problems setting up to your new 4K UHD Tv, then contact PlayStation Support for more information.

PlayStation 4 Pro Specs
The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful PlayStation to ever be created by Sony to date. The console supports 4K gaming and can be bought from around £349. The following are the PlayStation 4 Pro specs:

  • CPU – 2.1 GHz 8-Core AMD Jaguar
  • GPU – 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon
  • Memory – 8GB GDDR5 & 1GB
  • HDR / 4K – Yes
  • Storage – 1TB
  • Inputs / Outputs – 3x Super-speed USB Ports, 1x AUX Port
  • Networking – Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4
  • Power – AC 100V, 50/60Hz

If you are encountering any problems with the PlayStation 4 Pro, then it is important that you contact PlayStation customer support, by calling 08439 033 004, in order to get your issue resolved. Some issues that you may be facing and may want resolving are:

  • Unable to turn on the PlayStation 4 Pro
  • How to connect your PlayStation 4 Pro to the internet
  • How do I transfer data from my PS4 to my PS4 Pro?
  • How to free space on your PlayStation 4 Pro memory
  • How to play in 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro

The Playstation 4 Redesigned

Inline with the launch of the PS4 Pro, PlayStation have also re-designed a sleeker more elegant PS4. Use our Sony PlayStation Contact Number to find out more information on the latest products and services.

PlayStation Slim

The PlayStation 4 has received an amazing new redesign and sees some slight improvements with the new PlayStation Slim. The new console is lighter and slimmer creating a unique, stylish look. It also introduces High Dynamic Range Technology which causes a more realistic experience for the players making gaming become reality.

The storage options available with the PlayStation Slim are 500GB or 1TB. There have been few changes to the internal components in the PlayStation Slim, for example, the console now supports both 2,4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands. The PlayStation Slim was released on September 15th 2016, costing £250, and is the latest version of the PlayStation 4 to be released. Contact PlayStation for more information regarding the PlayStation Slim or if you are having any problems. Some reasons to contact PlayStation UK regarding the PlayStation Slim:

  • New features introduced to the PlayStation Slim
  • How to purchase the new PlayStation Slim
  • PlayStation Slim will not turn on
  • PlayStation Slim overheating.
  • How to setup PlayStation Slim console.
  • Specs of the PlayStation Slim.
  • Any faults or damages to the PlayStation Slim.
  • Returns or repairs policy.

Glacier White PlayStation 4

Sony has just announced the all-new, beautiful Glacier White PlayStation 4. The smaller and slimmer PlayStation 4 Slim console receives its first colour variation, which may be the most stunning colour variant to the PlayStation 4 yet.

The Glacier White PlayStation 4, which comes with 500GB of storage and a Glacier White Dualshock 4 controller, will be released in Europe on January 24th for £259 and Japan on February 23rd. A 1TB variant will also be available upon release in Japan. In order to receive more information in regards to the Glacier White PlayStation 4, contact PlayStation using our PlayStation customer services number, 08439 033 004. Some reasons as to why you want to call PlayStation are:

  • Where can you purchase the Glacier White Ps4?
  • How to setup the Glacier White PlayStation Console
  • When is the Glacier White PlayStation 4 being released?
  • Is the Glacier White Ps4 being released in America?
  • How much is a Glacier White PlayStation 4?
  • Contact PlayStation if you require technical support with your PlayStation console.
  • Information regarding the internal hardware in the Glacier White PlayStation 4.

Contact PlayStation Support for the following:

Setting up your PlayStation console
Contact PlayStation customer services if you need help setting up your console. This may consist of a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation PSX. A member of the PlayStation support team will direct and help you throughout the steps that you need to complete.

PlayStation Updates
Click on the link below that will take you directly to the PlayStation support page providing you with information on the latest PlayStation system updates for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

PlayStation System Software Updates –

If you are having problems with PlayStation updates, use our PlayStation Contact Number to speak to someone.

Update 4.5
Sony has confirmed that a new, major update is coming to the PlayStation 4 console and will include improvements and new features. The new update is known as 4.5 and is the first major update of 2017. In order to update your PlayStation’s software, you are required to have an internet connection and enough storage on your system. If you require help with downloading and installing updates to your PlayStation Console, then contact PlayStation helpline on 08439 033 004. You may want to contact PlayStation for the following reasons:

  • How to connect your PlayStation to the internet.
  • How to create more storage on the PlayStation 4.
  • Contact PlayStation to find out how to update your PlayStation’s system software.
  • Information regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4.5 update.
  • If you are having problems with the PlayStation 4.5 update, call PlayStation customer services.
  • How to increase download speed on the PlayStation 4.

Manage your on-line accounts
Setup master and child accounts. Contact Sony PlayStation and speak with customer services to find out more and how we can advise to protect your system. Be able to merge accounts from your older PlayStation’s under the one account.

PlayStation Technical Support
Use the PlayStation Contact Number to obtain help and support with your PlayStation 4 device. For PSN issues, it would be wise to check your internet connection first. Conact PlayStation for further information and support.

Your Wireless and Wired Network
Connect your PlayStation to the PlayStation Network and play multi-player games on the internet with friends and family. Call PlayStation for help and assistance setting up your wireless service.

PlayStation Storage
Like any other device, your PlayStation has a limited amount of storage. This means that you can only download games, applications, video clips etc, until your storage is full. Your PlayStation will either have 500GB or 1TB of storage. In order to check how much storage your PlayStation has, then you need access the Settings tab on the homepage of your PS4 console.

By scrolling down and selecting storage, the system will then calculate how much storage is left and will display a bar telling your how much storage you have used and how much you have left. From here, you can then go into more detail about exactly how much storage is being taken up and by what. The different options you will see are applications, capture gallery, saved data and themes.

By selecting one of these options, you are then able to see all the individual, different applications, captures, saved data etc, and see how much storage they take up. From here you can then delete individual applications, captures, saved data etc, to free up space on your PlayStation console. If you run out of storage on your PlayStation console, you can either delete some data from your console or you can purchase online storage.

This allows you to store data on the cloud for you to then be able to download again at a later date. It also allows you to be able to download data onto another device, so you can carry on playing the same game but from a different PlayStation console. Also, there are some third party hard drives that you can purchase to install into your console and increase the amount of storage on your PlayStation console.

If you need any support regarding your PlayStation console’s storage, then you can contact PlayStation support by calling 08439 033 004. The PlayStation support team will be able to provide you help with any of the following:

  • How to increase your PS4 storage
  • How to uninstall items on the PlayStation console
  • PlayStation console storage is full
  • Unable to download games to your PlayStation
  • How to remove all data from your PS4
  • Can you factory reset a PlayStation 4 console?
  • How to calculate how much storage your PlayStation has
  • Problems when viewing your PlayStation storage
  • Clear cache on PlayStation 4
  • How to use PlayStation online storage
  • Download items from the PlayStation cloud
  • Enable automatic uploads to PlayStation online storage

PlayStation Hardware

Peripheral Devices
For more information on what peripheral devices are available for PlayStation use the PlayStation contact number on 08439 033 004. If you are encountering any problems regarding your peripheral device and your PlayStation or need help connecting it, contact PlayStation customer services on 08439 033 004.

PlayStation Maintenance
How to look after your console and how to keep it in the best working order to maintain its health. Call PlayStation and visit their website for further informatio08439 033 004n on how to maintain your Sony product(s).

Moving from PS3 to PS4
If you would like information or help whilst upgrading from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4, then contact PlayStation customer services on 08439 033 004. A member of the PlayStation support team will help you transfer your accounts and data from your PS3 to your PS4 and help you with any problems you may be facing.

Download the latest user guide manuals for the PS4, PS3, PS2 from the PlayStation website –

Update your PlayStation 4 with the latest update –

Sharing your PlayStation 4 at home with other users
Games downloaded by other users on the account can be shared with other users on the same device. Call PlayStation on how to share your system on your local network or if you are having any problems doing so.

PlayStation Plus

Joining PlayStation Plus
Contact Sony PlayStation on 08439 033 004 to benefit from free online premium content and multiplayer access for the latest games available. PlayStation Plus is a subscription based service for PS4 users that allows you to play online. By joining PlayStation Plus you will be able to choose from:

  • A 14 day free trial
  • 1 Month membership
  • 3 Month membership
  • 12 Month membership

PlayStation Store Games
You are enabled to use games that your have downloaded from the store on other PlayStation systems in other locations. Download music, films and much more from the PlayStation Store. Call PlayStation customer services for more information on how to setup your account.

Some the latest games available on the PlayStation store are:

  • Star Ware Battlefront
  • Need for Speed
  • FIFA 17
  • Unravel
  • Prepare for War

PlayStation TV
Contact PlayStation TV to find out more information one of the latest products to be launched. PlayStation TV is a small set top box that plugs directly into your television. It offers access to compatible PS Vita, PS One and PSP games through the PlayStation Store. It can also be used to play PlayStation 4 games remotely, in another room. Contact PlayStation to find out more information.

Once you have created a PlayStation account and purchased PlayStation Plus, you are able to add friends with other PlayStation users. There are many benefits to creating friends on PlayStation, such as communicating in PlayStation parties or playing together in multiplayer games. Use the PlayStation contact number on 08439 033 004 to provide help at how your can do this.

PlayStation Blog
For the latest information and news regarding PlayStation then you can visit the PlayStation Blog on their website.

Sony Mobile Devices

Sony Xperia Z3Z5 & Z5 Premium – Enable your Sony Xperia to connect to your PlayStation 4 and play games remotely or use the phone as a mirrored image. Contact Sony or your mobile phone provider to help you connect these two devices and enable your Z3 to play games.

PlayStation Vita and PSP help
How to connect your devices and get help running your old school retro gaming consoles. Contact PlayStation if require help setting up and running the older devices. Find out how to connected them to the internet and the PlayStation Network to access the latest downloads, updates and latest games.

Media Centre
Setting up your PlayStation for a remote media device and share files across your home network to other devices from phones, tablets and devices. Contact PlayStation to begin sharing information more easily.

PlayStation Store Queries

PlayStation Store Refunds
Call PlayStation to query billing payments on your account and your PlayStation Wallet. Find out how to restrict access of your account for other users using your PlayStation.

PlayStation Store Vouchers
PlayStation Store Vouchers can be purchased online or from shops in-store which you redeem on your PlayStation to transfer money onto your account. If you are having problems redeeming your vouchers in the PlayStation Store and require assistance, call PlayStation Store on 08439 033 004.

PlayStation error codes
At times an error code may appear on your PlayStation. For example if your game crashes and an error screen appears, an error code will appear. If you experience this issue, call PlayStation support team on 08439 033 004, to talk to a member of PlayStation’s support team who will help you fix the problem.

PlayStation Cover
If your PlayStation case becomes damaged or faulty, you will need to have the case repaired or replaced. Contact PlayStation support on 08439 033 004, where you can talk to a member of PlayStation’s support team who will advise you on what to do next.

Blu Ray films now play on the PS4. If you are encountering any issues when trying to play a Blu-Ray DVD on your PlayStation 4 system, then you need to contact PlayStation customer services.


 Latest PlayStation Games

Call Of Duty World War II

Call of Duty has gone back to its roots with boots on the ground. The latest Call of Duty, World War II was released on November 3rd, 2017.  Call of Duty World War II topped the UK sales chart in its first week of release and had the second-best week of any game in two years. The game is set in the second World War, and offers truly astonishing gameplay to players. Like all recent Call of Duty’s, the game features a campaign and multiplayer mode, but this year, we see the return of an all new Nazi Zombies story. Arguably Call of Duty’s most popular mode, multiplayer, returns to its origins, with boots on the ground.

As the multiplayer is set in the WW2 era, there are no exo-suits, jetpacks or any advanced movement within the game. This is what many fans have wanted for a very long time, and now they have it. This is not the only major change to the Call of Duty multiplayer game mode, as Sledgehammer games have introduced a new feature called Headquarters. Headquarters is a social area where players can roam around and interact with other players and features, such as the firing range, the 1v1 arena or the armoury. Call of Duty World War II is available for PlayStation now across many stores, including the PlayStation store.

If you are encountering any problems with Call of Duty World War II on the PlayStation, then contact PlayStation using the PlayStation contact number. You may need to contact PlayStation for any of the following reasons:

  • How to purchase Call of Duty World War II on the PlayStation Store
  • Unable to purchase games from the PlayStation Store
  • How to download purchased games on the PlayStation
  • How to speed up downloads on the PlayStation 4
  • Can’t connect to the Call of Duty World War II servers
  • Call of Duty World War II won’t download
  • You keep disconnecting from the Call of Duty servers
  • How to purchase Call of Duty season pass
  • How to redeem COD points on the PlayStation
  • Your PlayStation won’t load your game
  • Downloaded PlayStation game keeps freezing

The Last of Us Part 2

Battlefield One by EA Games

EA Sports have recently announced their next title for the hugely successful gaming franchise Battlefield.  On 6th May 2016, Battlefield released the trailer for Battlefield 1 which has already been viewed a record-breaking 25 million times.

Battlefield 1 takes players back in time to a world war 2 era. Players will find themselves fighting large-scaled battles on the ground, in the air or even at sea all across the world during an epic war based campaign. Battlefield 1 also offers players the chance to participate in exhilarating multiplayer battles in a variety of different environments, consisting of up to 64 players.

Battlefield 1 Standard is available for pre-order at a number of different retailers and will be released on 21st October 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC or players can pre-order Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition in order to receive Early Access on October 18th, Hell fighter Pack, Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack and 5 battlepacks.

For more information regarding Battlefield 1, contact EA on 08435 042 205

FIFA18 World Cup Trailer

Red Dead Redemption Trailer

Fortnite Gameplay

Call of Duty

For the 12th game of the Call Of Duty Franchise, Treyarch have announced Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3.  Treyarch have previously made 5 Call Of Dutys including World At War, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 and as Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer made the 2 previous Call Of Dutys, it is now Treyarch’s time to release their new add-on to the world’s best-selling FPS franchise. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 is to be released on 6th November 2015 for all consoles. However, if you pre-order the game then you will receive a code for the beta of Black Ops 3 which is being released for PlayStation on 19th August and is available till the 23rd August. For help and information about Black Ops 3 or the beta from PlayStation then call PlayStation on 08439 033 004.

Early 2015, Treyarch announced their new title for this year’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. Leading on from Treyarch’s last Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3 is to be set in a futuristic year of 2025. As technology advanced so fast, it is at a time where humans now contain more wires then veins, robots are roaming the streets and there is fear of robots taking over. Call Of Duty’s fan favourite game mode, zombies, will be returning with an all new storyline taking place in the Shadows Of Evil. However, with the Digital Deluxe Edition, Hardened Edition and the Juggernog Edition players will receive a DLC for a remake of the fan favourite zombie map Der Riese originally from World At War. The storyline for The Giant, the remake Der Riese, will continue on from the original zombie storyline and include the four original characters.

Call Of Duty WW2 Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

As always, Black Ops 3 will include multiplayer, however, this year multiplayer is more action packed than ever with multiple new features. Treyarch have introduced a new feature: wall running. This allows players to run along a wall for a small distance consequently meaning that players can travel throughout the map with precision and speed. Another game changing feature which has been introduced is the thrust jump which allows players to boost a small distance into the air. However, this cannot be done whenever liked as there is a small timer on the screen which means it can only be done when recharged. Finally, Treyarch have added a boost slide which allows the player to slide along the floor for a small distance and uses the same timer as the thrust jump.

Treyarch have released several special versions of Black Ops 3 which can be pre-ordered. Firstly there is the digital deluxe edition of Black Ops 3 which can be bought from the PlayStation Store which includes the season pass, The Giant Bonus Zombie Map and 3 Personalization Packs. For information on how to buy the digital deluxe or edition or if you are having any problems then Contact PlayStation on 08439 033 004.

The second special edition which was announced by Treyarch is the Hardened Deluxe which includes:

  • Limited Edition Concept Art Cards
  • The Giant Bonus Zombie Map
  • Collectible Steel Book
  • 2 Personalization Packs
  • Official Black Ops 3 Soundtrack.

The final special edition is the Juggernog Edition which is the biggest of the three. It includes Collectible Steel book, The Giant Bonus Zombie Map, Official Black Ops 3 Soundtrack, Limited Edition Concept Art Cards, 2 Personalization Packs, Perk-A-Cola Coasters and a Juggernog Mini-Fridge.

For any information or questions about the special editions for PlayStation then contact them here 08439 033 004.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC PS4

For PlayStation 4 users it is rumoured that the release date for the new maps will be a month after the launch on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. March 3rd is the anticipated date. There are four new multiplayer maps available which include;
Core – Ruins of a nuclear fusion plant based in the desert.
Urban – Close combat in small quarters on a futuristic setting
Sideshow – Abandoned motel with spooky scenes
Drift – Snowy setting, peaceful and elegant until the first bullets are fired
For any questions or queries once the game is launched you can Contact PlayStation or Call PlayStation on 08439 033 004.

Latest Game Updates – Call of Duty Black Ops 3

The first map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Awakening, was released for PlayStation users on 2nd February 2016. The DLC consists of four multiplayer maps: Skyjacked is a remake of the fan favourite, Black Ops 2 map, Hijacked.  Rise is a snowy construction site for a subterranean research campus located in the outskirts of Zurich.

Splash is set in an abandoned water park, consisting of colourful water slides, an abandoned pirate ship and plenty of areas of water allowing players to have underwater battles. Set in a military training facility, Gauntlet includes three very different environments of jungle, snow and urban. The awakening DLC also includes the next chapter of Treyarch’s most popular mode, zombies. Der Eisendrache consists of the Origins characters fending off the zombies in a medieval castle, located in Austria. The map includes many new features which change up the players experience to nothing like they have ever experienced before.

You are going to have to call PlayStation on 08439 033 004 if you are having any problems with the Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 DLC on PlayStation. Some problems you may be having are:

  • Unable to download the Awakening DLC.
  • Cannot purchase the Awakening DLC.
  • Cannot connect to Black Ops 3 servers.
  • Cannot purchase Black Ops 3 Season Pass.
  • Cannot download the Call of Duty Season Pass.
  • Cannot connect to PlayStation store/network.
  • In-game problems.
  • Problems purchasing COD Points.

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Sony PlayStation History

PlayStation revolutionised the gaming world with the launch of the PlayStation 1 in 1994. With immediate success they sold over 100 million consoles and then a further 155 million of the PlayStation 2 by 2012.

The next PlayStation was launched in 2006 and over 165,000 PlayStation 3 consoles were sold in the first 2 days of release, breaking UK records. After 1 year of more than 80 million PS3s were sold worldwide and was a huge success in the gaming industry. It introduced Wi-Fi connectivity allowing millions to play together online and even communicate with their voices through the PlayStation.


It also featured an inbuilt Blu-Ray DVD port which gave users the chance to watch full HD videos in their homes. Sony released the PlayStation 3 Slim on September 3 2009, which is a slimmer and redesigned version on the PlayStation 3. It is much lighter and has a larger storage capacity of a minimum of 120GB compared to the 20GB minimum on the original. The final version of the PlayStation 3 was released in late 2012 which was the Super Slim Model. It included a 250GB or 500GB hard drive and was much lighter than the PlayStation 3 Slim and was ¾ of its size.

Sony’s latest console is leading the market; the PlayStation 4 was launched in November 2013 and sold over 1 million consoles in the first day and became the world’s fastest selling console. The next-gen PlayStation 4 console introduced graphics that had never been seen on a console before and many other stunning features including accurate voice control and also a dualshock 4 controller which had an inbuilt touchpad. With 8GB memory and 500GB of storage.

Sony call the PlayStation ‘The world’s most powerful console’.

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