QVC Contact Number

QVC Contact Number

08435 042 200

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Use the QVC Contact Number between:
Monday to Sunday 7am to 1am

Use the QVC Contact Number to speak to QVC Customer Service.

Contact QVC

Use the QVC Contact Number to speak to QVC Customer services between 7am to 1am, 7 days a week. You can contact the QVC team on 08435 042 200.

Placing an order

To place an order with QVC then you will need to contact the order team on 08435 042 200. They will take a card payment from you and you will then be informed via text/email when the item has been despatched. QVC accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, debit and credit cards as well as American Express.

What to do if an item hasn’t been delivered

The first thing you should do is check if you have received an email confirming if the item has been despatched. If you have not received an email and it is outside of QVC’s 3-5 working days for delivery then contact customer services on 08435 042 200. If your item has been despatched but has passed the delivery date then call 08435 042 200 for help.

Setting up a QVC account

If you are a regular shopper with QVC then you can easily set up an account with them by calling customer services on 08435 042 200. Having an online account with QVC can help make the payments more affordable.

Benefits of having an online account

Ring the customer service team on 08435 042 200 for advice on

  • Easy Pay – spreading your payments interest free over a few months (selected items only)
  • Waiting lists for out of stock items
  • Ordering items in multiple quantities
  • Automatic repeat deliveries of popular items (for example, shampoo, conditioner etc)

Out of stock items

If a product is showing as being out of stock then call the support team on 08435 042 200. If you have an account with QVC then you may be able to add the product that you are after to your waiting list or there may be an advanced buy option. Call customer services to find out more.

Returning/Refunding an item

If you are not happy with an item you have received from QVC then they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Most small items (under 15kg) can be returned via myHermes or your Post Office. For all larger items then you will need to contact the team on 08435 042 200 where they will explain the next step and arrange for collection. You can also call customer services if you want to check that your returned item has been received.

If your item arrives damaged or has a fault then call 08435 042 200 where QVC will organise for a replacement to be sent to you.

About QVC

QVC was one of the first American shopping channel to air on cable TV but has now evolved into much more than that. The company was founded in 1986 and the initial airing was viewed in 7.6 million homes. QVC stands for Quality, Value and Convenience.

QVC in the UK was launched in 1993 and their headquarters are in Knowsley, Merseyside. QVC UK runs live broadcast 364 days a year for 17 hours a day and have annual sales of around $660 mllion!

As well as the TV broadcasts, QVC now have their own app available on Apple and Android devices as well as an online store. It is like having a department store right in your home and QVC also offer great deals on branded products that are not found elsewhere. As well as this they have also been recognised as the third most trusted brand in a recent poll.

The TV channels also offers customers the opportunity to meet the experts in the field of the products they are selling giving you more knowledge about the products from the people that designed them!

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