Sky Contact Number

Sky Contact Number

Contact Sky TV between:
Monday – Sunday: 8.30am to 11.30pm

08435 077 030

All calls are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. We are a call-forwarding service using our own 0843 telephone numbers and we are not associated or affiliated to any company on this website.

Contact SKY for:
Press 1 for Box Office
Press 2 for Subscription Change
Press 3 for Billing
Press 4 for Technical Support

SKY TV Contact Number

If you use the Sky Contact Number you will be able to get help from Sky Support on the following options:

  1. Sky Box Office
  2. You have no Sky account
  3. Something wrong with your bill
  4. Add or Remove something from your account, or moving home
  5. Somethings not working
  6. Re-programming your remote control
  7. Re-placing your remote control
  8. Interested in Sky Q and home streaming
  9. More information on UHD and 4K TV.

To find out more about the latest offers from Sky, contact the team on the Sky TV Contact Number, 08435 077 030.

Sky TV Customer Services Number

Contact the Sky TV Customer Services team on 08435 077 030 and they will provide you with professional help to ensure that your problem is solved as quickly as possible. Some topics which Sky TV’s customer services cover are:

  • Sky Technical Support
  • Accounts & Billing
  • Sky Broadband
  • Sky Fibre
  • Upgrades
  • Moving Home

Use the Sky Contact Number for further information.

Sky Technical Support & Faults 08435 077 030

If one of your Sky products has been damaged or you think it might be faulty, whether it is your remote control, Sky box, phone or broadband, you should call Skys customer services team by using the Sky Contact Number on 08435 077 030. They will do their best to help you replace or fix your product and service. Contact Sky TV for more information about Sky’s policy when it comes to faults and errors with their products.

Contact Sky if you are having problems with your Sky Broadband Service or Sky Fibre Broadband Service. Before using the Sky contact number it is recommended that you turn your router off and on to see if that helps solve the broadband problem.

The Sky Broadband number will help if your:

  • Download speeds are unusually slow
  • Problems connecting to the internet
  • Wireless connection problems
  • Adding devices to your router
  • Problems accessing your email
  • Reporting mis-categorised websites

For more information on how to protect your Sky products with Sky Protect, use the Sky contact number to speak to a member of the Sky customer support team.  You should use the SKY TV contact number to contact Sky TV if you need to know how to re-programme your Sky remote and how you can connect it to your Sky Box.

Sky TV will also offer help on problems with any of the Sky Apps however, it may be best to contact the customer services for your mobile phone/device provider for problems regarding apps for your phone/device.

Payments & Billing

You can change your Sky billing details by using the Sky Tv contact number on 08435 077 030. If there has been an error in your bill or you are unsure about something you can contact Sky TV to discuss the query.

If you have any queries with your bill or don’t understand certain charges, you can visit the Sky website for more information or just call the Sky TV Contact Number.

If you are also having trouble paying your bill or you need to change your direct debit details then contact Sky to get your details updated.

You may need to contact the Sky Accounts team to:

  • Changing your account details
  • Changing your billing details
  • Your insurance policy
  • Unable to make a payment
  • Downgrading your Service
  • Canceling your subscription
  • View the latest offers

You can also login to MySky which is available through the Sky Website. Within MySky, you can access al lyour account details and subscribed packages.

Sky Mobile

Use the Sky TV Contact Number to access the latest offers and realeases from Sky Mobile. With choices that allow customers to swap their phone every 2 years or choices where customers just want a low usage line rental.

Customers are able to choose from:

  • Samsung S8 Range
  • Apple Iphone 7 Range
  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Sony Xperia Range
  • LG G5 & K10

Sky Q

Sky Q is Sky’s latest product that enables their customers to revolutionise the way they watch TV. The new service that provides what Sky call Fluid Viewing Sky Q will allow you to:

  • Watch recordings around the home on other devices
  • Pause a channel in one room and carry it on in another
  • Sync recordings to your Ipad or Tablet to watch wherever
  • The choice of Sky Q and Sky Q Silver

What do you get with Sky Q?

The Sky Q Device & Hub is required to be able to stream channels to it and onto your selected device. The Hub includes:

  • 1TB of storage which is 150hrs of HD tv
  • Record 3 shows and watch a 4th at the same time
  • The Hub will also act as a WiFi Hotspot

The Sky Q touch remote has arrived that acts more like a tablet with touch, tap and swipe to help you navigate the menus. The new remote allows you to:

  • Navigate to shows more quickly
  • No need to point the remote at the screen
  • Its bluetooth enabled
  • In-built alarm so you will not lose your remote

The Sky Q Mini is a smaller device that allows you to watch recordings other rooms in the home. When combined with Sky Broadband, it can act as a WiFi hot spot too.

To find out more about Sky Q then contact Sky Q on the number listed above.

Your Sky Account

For information regarding Sky Accounts, you should call Sky TV on 08435 077 030 as they will supply you with the latest and most updated information. By using the Sky TV contact number you are also able to find out how to create for a Sky account and learn more about the benefits from doing so. To reset your Sky account password or if you would like to change any of your Sky account details call Sky TV on 08435 077 030 to find out how to. Sky TV will also offer help on problems with the Sky Go app.

Sky TV Subscription

Call Sky TV’s helpline for more information on Sky subscriptions and how you can sign up for one. To check the latest deals that Sky has to offer you can contact Sky TV, who will provide you with the latest deals, on 08435 077 030. If you are looking to upgrade, change or cancel your Sky TV subscription then you should use the Sky TV contact number so can talk to a Sky representative about your issue.

The new customer team will be able to advise on all products and services including:

  • TV Bundles
  • Subscription choices
  • Equipment needed
  • Sky Q information
  • Installation and setup
  • Broadband & Fibre Broadband Advice
  • Mobile Phone offers

Sky Broadband & Sky Fibre Broadband

Sky Tv provides the latest Fibre Broadband services with speeds of up to 38mb. If you are new to Sky or an existing customer with any questions then contact Sky TV on 08435 077 030. Sky provide bundled packages allowing you to bolt onto your existing membership and for new customers wanting to move to Sky it couldn’t be any easier.

If you are looking to move your broadband service to sky or to add it to your bundle, then contact the Sky sales team and find out more information. Moving your broadband to Sky is simple and straight forward and they take care of it for you.

Sky also provide customers with their own phone bundles called Sky Talk. Sky can take over your working phone line, you keep your number and have you phone, broadband and TV all on one monthly bill

Sky TV UHD / 4K

Sky UHD is four times the definition of HD. The quality of the picture has been vastly increased and the new Sky set top boxes will be compatible with your 4k UHD Tv.

  • 4 times the clarity
  • 2 x the frame rate of existing HD
  • 10 bit colour compared to 8 bit HD

Sky have pipped Virgin at delivering UHD channels to their customers. Sky can offer:

Sky Movies in UHD

  • Spectre
  • The Martian
  • Everest
  • Pixels
  • Lawrence of Arabia

Sky Sports in UHD

  • Premier League Football
  • Formula 1

Entertainment Channels

  • Sky Living – The Black List, The Enfield Haunting
  • Sky Atlantic – Fortitude, The Tunnel
  • Sky 1 – Strike Back


  • Sky 1 – Big Cats, Hammond in the Jungle, Galapagos

Sky Store, UHD films to buy,

  • The Revenant
  • Zoolander
  • World War Z

With many more UHD channels and programs to come the selection will increase. Use the Sky Contact number to speak to Sky.

Sky Talk

With excellent low cost call packages, Sky Talk has a few bundles which can include free calls to UK destinations on some international destinations. Sky Talk is a service that Sky provide that takes over your working phone line.

Joining Sky Talk has never been easier. Whether you are just switching to Sky Talk or need a new phone line installed, Sky will help you along the way. If you order Sky Talk, you will need a suitable phone line. If you do not already have a suitable phone line, then Sky will need to install one. If a new line needs to be installed then Sky will send an engineer to your home to install one.

Once you have a suitable phone line in your home, then Sky will be able to let you know what products are available to you. When switching to Sky Talk from a different provider, you will most likely be able to keep your old phone number. With Sky Talk you will receive a Sky Hub in the post. It is important that you do not setup your Sky Hub before your phone line is activated.

The final step is for everything to be activated. In some cases your line can be activated remotely by Sky, however, there is the chance that an engineer may need to come and activate it for you. If you have any questions regarding Sky Talk or are facing any issues, then contact Sky to receive the best advice and support. To contact Sky, call the Sky customer service team on 08435 048 868. A member of the Sky customer service team will be able to help you with anything relating to the following:

  • What is Sky Talk?
  • How to get Sky Talk
  • How to setup Sky Talk
  • How much does Sky Talk cost?
  • Am I able to get Sky Talk?
  • Is Sky Talk the best option for me?
  • Change an engineer appointment with Sky
  • Cancel Sky Talk
  • You are having problems with your Sky phone
  • Sky Talk Shield
  • Sky Talk billing queries
  • Your Sky Talk phone is broken

Sky Talk is Sky’s telephone service to enable customers to make phone calls from their homes at competitive rates. There are a few options to choose from when deciding what Sky Talk package to use:

Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra
From as little from £4 per month with line rental from £17.40
Inclusive minutes for landline calls Monday to Friday & Saturday to Sunday

Sky Talk Anytime Extra
From £8 per month with line rental from £17.40

Sky Talk International Extra
From £12 per month with line rental from £17.40
Inclusive minute bundles

Sky Line Rental Features

  • Voicemail – Callers can leave a message if the line is engaged or if you cannot answer the phone. You can use 1571 to pick up voicemail.
  • Caller Display – See who is calling you before you answer the phone
  • Automatic Number Withhold – You activate this on request to stop your number from showing when you make a call.

 Contact a member of the Sky customer services team to find out more information.

Sky Installation Services

For new customers and existing customers, sky will provide you with the installation of your Sky TV service. You can contact SKY TV on the Sky helpline number to organise a brand new subscription and organise for a SKY engineer to install your satellite dish. You can contact SKY on 08435 077 030.

For customers that are having problems with their Sky service and believe that their satellite dish is damaged or not working in-correctly, then use the SKY contact number to speak to a representative.

If you are Moving Home?

If you are unsure about what will happen to your Sky subscription if you are moving home, then you should talk to Sky customer services as they will give you all the information you would like to know. You can use the Sky Contact Number on 08435 077 030 who will help you every step of the way when moving home and setting your new broadband.

Sky TV Cancellations

If you are looking to move away from Sky then please call the cancellations team on the Sky contact number.

Questions and Complaints

Sky TV are open to any questions that you may have and will do their very best to help you with any problem you may be facing. You are also able to make a complaint to Sky by contacting Sky customer services on 08435 077 030.

How to contact Sky TV’s Head Office

To make complaints by post or to contact the HR department at Sky for more information you can write to them at:

Sky Head Office, Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD

New Sky Customers

If you are a new Sky Customer or looking to move to Sky and have some enquiries, then contact Sky on 08435 077 030. You will be advised on all the latest offers for every Sky product that they have to offer. A member of the Sky Customer Services team will be able to help you and advise on the latest TV packages. You can also find out more about the latest Sky Broadband or Sky Fibre Broadband by contacting Sky.

Some of the latest services include:

  • SKY TV – Sky TV Channels (Sky Sports / Sky Movies)
  • SKY +
  • SKY HD
  • SKY 3D
  • SKY Multiscreen
  • SKY Broadband
  • SKY Talk
  • SKY Q
  • SKY Q Hub

For Troubleshooting in general then Use the Sky Contact Number now on 08435 077 030.

SKY Multiscreen

With Sky Q Multiscreen, you can watch access your main Sky Q device through Sky Mini Boxes around the home. Use the Sky TV contact number to contact Sky TV.

Sky Tv Channels

Sky TV brings you all the latest News stories, Sports action, award winning Movies, and Entertainment shows into your home, PC, Mobile or Tablet.

Sky News
Sky Sports
Sky Movies
 to Sky Atlantic
Sky Arts
, and Sky Living.

For the latest Sky 3D Movies contact Sky Customer Services team or tube into channel 170 if you have a 3D TV.

More About Sky TV

British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc trades as Sky – they are the largest satellite broadcasting company in the UK. In 1990 Sy Television and British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB) merged to create the largest pay TV broadcaster across Ireland and the UK. Both companies had been struggling the make profit and were continually fighting to win customers from each other.

One of Sky’s early successes was the signing of the new Premier League in 1992. They joined forces with the BBC to bid against ITV and eventually succeeded paying £304m.

The newly merged company needed to revamp the existing two services that was inherited and launched Multichannels in September 1993. Within two months ofd launching they had attracted an additional 400,000 customers and this helped them reach 3.5m customers by mid-1994.

Sky Digital was another successful venture in Sky’s history. They formed a partnership with Granada and Carlton to bid for the right to broadcast on the new digital terrestrial network. The new Sky Digital service was launched on the 1st of October 1998. The new service provided the customer with a much improved picture and sound with an increase In the number of channels and interactive services.

Within one month, 100,000 customers upgraded to the new service. By June 2000 they had 3.6m subscribers with an increased total customer base of 8.9 million.

Sky HD

On May 2006, Sky launched there Sky HD service. Sky HD enabled customers to take advantage of the new High Definition Televisions and provide a superior picture to the customer. Initial take up was dependent on customers being able to buy a new expensive HD TV. As HD TV became cheaper, more customers upgraded to SKY HD and in turn more and more channels were launched. The Premiership football matches were one of the main reasons why customers upgraded. The introduction of the PlayStation 3 with a BLU Ray drive helped the sales of the new HD TV’s which in turn further helped the Sky HD service to become more and more popular.


In 2010 Sky launched there 3d Tv service to compliment the new technology of 3D TV’s in the home. The film Avatar brought 3D film to the cinema and this eventually made its way to the home. 3D TV’s have recently become competitively priced increasing SKYs 3D service and improving the channel selection. The first live premiership football match to be televised was the Arsenal vs Manchester United game.

Aside from TV, Sky has also begun to provide further telecoms services for consumers. Sky Broadband was launched in 2007 and by 2012 they had reached 4 million customers that they provided phone and broadband services.

Sky continues to provide leading edge services to the Uk consumer and with competition from the likes of Virgin Media they do not lose focus.

New to Sky Atlantic – Fortitude & Games of Thrones
Surrounded by beautiful Arctic landscape, Fortitude is on of the safest places left on Earth. No violent crime had ever been made in this small town until a murder starts to unravel some mysterious areas that inhibit the place. Contact Sky or Call Sky on 08435 077 030 to add or change your subscription.


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