Sony Mobile Contact Number

Sony Mobile Contact Number (Xperia Care)

08435 043 313

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Use the Sony Mobile Contact Number between:
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm

Contacting Sony Mobile & Sony Xperia Care

Contact Sony Mobile on 08435 043 313 to speak to a Sony Xperia Care representative today to get support on your Sony Xperia mobile phone. The Sony Xperia contact number opening times are 10.30am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Sony Xperia Care

The sony xperia care website is an excellent site that provides lots of information on all of the products by Sony. Before you make a call to Sony, avoid waiting times by visiting the website. The support section will provide you with:

  • An overview of your product – e.g Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
  • A general setting overview
  • Choosing camera settings
  • Memory and Storage settings
  • General User Guides
  • Troubleshooting Online Help
  • Android and System update information

The Sony Xperia Support Page –

Sony Xperia Care Contact Number – 08435 043 313

The Sony Store

The Sony Xperia Store in an online store where you can buy direct from Sony. Visit the Sony Mobile E Shop to be able to browse the latest offers, products and services they provide. Alternatively, use the Sony Xperia Care contact number for further information.

The Sony Store will enable you to browse:

  • Xperia Smartphones including the Xperia Z5 Premium
  • Xperia XZ
  • Xperia Tablets
  • Sony Smartwear
  • Accessories
  • Use the Sony Mobile Contact Number for more information

The UK Sony Store Website –

The Sony Xperia XZ

Sony have launched a new mobile phone called the Xperia XZ. The XZ is one of their latest released and also have a the phone available as a dual sim – Xperia XZ Dual Sim.

Updating your Sony Mobile

New software brings all of the latest features and developments to your handset. It also includes most recent security updates to make your phone as secure as possible. Updating to the latest software, will make your phone run more quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

How to Update your Sony Mobile Phone

If you are having problems updating your phone, you can use the Sony Mobile Contact Number to speak to sony customer services. Updating your phone is relatively simple. When you recieve a notifcation on your phone that there is a new update available, tap the screen and follow the instrucitons,

You will need at least 500mb of memory available to update to new software. If you dont have enough, visit the Sony website to find out more –

If you have ignored the notification, you can goto it manually by selecting: Settings > About Phone / Tablet > Software Update.

If you need further support, use the sony mobile contact number on 08435 043 313.

The Sony Xperia Tablet

One of Sony’s most popular products with their customers is their Xperia Tablets, in which they offer four different types of Tablets, ranging from their first Z product, up to their latest Z4 one. If you are experiencing any problems with your own Sony Tablet, then you can receive help from Sony’s own customer service team on 08435 043 313.

The Z, Z2 and Z3 type of Sony Tablets all boast in having high durability in terms of water and dust resistance. The devices are able to take pictures in freshwater for up to 30 minutes, as long as all the covers for the USB port and also the SIM spot are all covered up. The IP rating (test certificate for water measurement) for each device can be found on Sony’s official website, or if you have any further inquiries as to how much durability your Sony Tablet can take, then you can find out more information by calling 08435 043 313.

Tablet RemotePlay

For customers who own both a Sony Xperia Tablet, alongside a PlayStation 4, you are now able to connect the two devices together and play PlayStation 4 console games on the screen of your Experian tablet. This ‘PS4 remote play’ now allows players to attach their tablet on top of a PlayStation controller and can be setup following instructions via Sony’s official website, or if you’re having issues in setting up the Remote Play, then you can speak to a member of Sony’s customer service team on 08435 043 313. In order to connect both devices together, you will need access to a working Wi-Fi network.

Sony Smart Devices

As well as phones and tablets, Sony now offer a range of new smart products that are increasingly bringing new aspects and features into customer’s everyday life.

Xperia™ Touch

Sony’s Xperia™ Touch is a new design of projector that can turn any flat surface into an interactive screen or alternatively, simply project an image or video onto the selected surface. Built with the latest Sony intelligence, the projector is also able to detect your presence and also responds to your personal touch. The Xperia Touch starts from prices of £1,399.99 upwards and if you wish to find out more information about the new product, you can do so by visiting Sony’s website, or give them a call on 08435 043 313 to speak to a member of staff.

Xperia™ Ear

Sony’s Xperia™ Ear is a new hands-free device that sits in your ear and is operated through voice control, where you able to ask questions,you’re your own reminders and gain directions, all without ever having a device in your hands. The device is designed to respond through voice control and now through the introduction of Anytime Talk, you are able to contact up to four other Xperia™ Ear users at one single time. If you are having any issues with your Xperia™ Ear, in terms of your device struggling to understand and respond to your voice commands, then you can take the product into any Sony store across the country or alternatively, call 08435 043 313.

Sony SmartBand

Sony’s SmartBand is a new device that allows users to track their heart rate, pulse rates, sleep quality and many more features of your everyday lifestyle. The SmartBand retrieves all this data, which once connected with your other Sony device, is fed through to your phone or Tablet, thus meaning users can now leave their devices at home when leaving the house. If you are having any issues linking up your SmartBand data with your Sony device, then please call Sony Mobile on 08435 043 313, where a member of Sony’s customer service team will be able to assist you on the matter.

The SmartBand also holds an IP rating of 68, meaning the band is protected from both water and dust particles and is therefore still accessible whether you are swimming, in the rain or even just taking a shower. For more information on this IP rating, in terms of the level of water resistance that your device can endure, you can either visit the Smart Product section on Sony’s website, or alternatively use the Sony Contact Number on 08435 043 313.

SmartBand Talk SWR30

Sony’s new and improved SmartBand now allows users to make and receive phone calls, even when your phone is not at hand. The new SWR30 device is powered through voice control with a built in microphone and loudspeaker, but if you’re experiencing issues in terms of the device recognising your voice or have any other inquiries with the hands free device, then you can find this out by calling 08435 043 313.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony’s SmarWatch is now a device that allows users to leave their phones at home and simply still have access to all the same features on their wrist. The watch, that has a two-day battery life, possesses all the same Android features and apps, alongside the ability to make phone calls and text messages, all from your watch. To find out about Sony’s SmartWatch prices and different designs, all of this information can be found on the official Sony website, or if you wish to speak to a member of their customer service team then you can give them a call on 08435 043 313.

The SmartWatch is powered through either voice control, or simply by touchscreen and can be synced with any other Sony devices you hold. If you are having any issues with syncing mobile phone data or features such as your music or apps onto your Sony SmartWatch, then call Sony’s customer service number on 8435 043 313.

Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

Sony’s new Bluetooth speaker is a device that is voice commanded and acts as both a smart alarm clock and also as a speaker in organising conference calls. The instructions to setting up your conference calls via the Sony Speaker can be found on Sony’s official website, please note that you must have a smartphone near by to do so. The Bluetooth speaker will also respond to your own questions with regards to everyday life, whether this is asking for the weather, or even what your daily schedule looks like.

The Bluetooth speaker can also be connected to either your Sony phone or tablet, thus allowing you to play your already downloaded and saved music out loud. If you are having any issues in syncing the two devices together then you can either follow Sony’s instructions on their website, underneath the Smart Products section, or if you wish to speak to somebody about the matter, call 08435 043 313.


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