T Mobile Contact Number

T Mobile Contact Number

08435 042 199

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Contact T-Mobile between:
Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am to 8pm


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Contacting T-MOBILE

T-Mobile customer services can be contacted Monday to Friday from 8am-10pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 8am-8pm. T-Mobile customer services can be reached on 08435 042 199.

T-mobile is now part of EE. You can use the T-Mobile contact number to speak to a member of the EE customer services team. If you want to contact EE, goto our EE page here – www.callcentrenumbers.co.uk/ee

T-Mobile can provide you with deals on all the latest handsets including Samsungs, Iphones, HTC and LG. Tablets can also be provided as a bundle package as well as standalone and include IPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets and LG pads.


To speak to a member of the T-Mobile customer services team to discuss which service plan best suits you then you would need to call 08435 042 199.

T-Mobile can provide both pay monthly and pay as you go deals for your handsets. Dependant on the handset you require on pay monthly upfront costs can be free or a maximum of about £50 on current deals.

Pay As You Go handsets can range from £2.49 – £119.99 (correct as of July 2015). Tablets are available with upfront costs from £29.99 and monthly tariffs starting from £16 per month (correct as of July 2015). T-Mobile can also provide lots of accessories ranging from headphones to phone covers.

Contact the team on 08435 042 199 to find out more.

Managing Your T-Mobile Account

  • Upgrades – You maybe eligible for an upgrade of your handset or tablet device. To find out if you qualify and what your options are then call T-Mobile to find out more about your contract on 08435 042 199.
  • Cancellations – If you are wanting to move away from T-Mobile or the EE network then contact the T-Mobile cancellation team directly. For new customers wishing to cancel you can do so within 14 days of order by calling the number above. If you wish to cancel your contract completely then please contact customer services on 08435 042 199 where they will discuss any issues and see if they can help.
  • Tariffs – Contact T-Mobile to check the status of your current tariff and understand if this is still suitable for your usage and data plan.

Billing and Payments

Sometimes your phone bill may appear difficult to understand, thing such as part charges, premium charges and picture messaging charges may appear. If you need to have any aspect of your bill explained to you then contact T-Mobile on 08435 042 199.

If you need to change your personal details or you want to change your direct debit or are having problems making a payment to T-Mobile, contact the T-Mobile billing team.

Technical Support

Help With Pay as You Go – With Pay As You Go through T-Mobile you can have a Smart Pack which starts from just £10 a month and gives you approx. £78 of minutes and texts! You can discuss this with the customer service team on 08435 042 199. You can also use this number if you wish to top up your minutes.

Help with your online account
If you have; forgotten your password, email address, haven’t received a password reset email or don’t know your mobile number and are having problems logging into your online account then speak to someone at customer services on 08435 042 199.

Help with a locked phone?
If your phone has been locked then you will need to contact T-Mobile on 08435 042 199 to get a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code. You need to be very careful when entering your PUK code as if you get it wrong 10 times in a row then your sim card will be permanently blocked.

Repairs & Returns
T-Mobile will automatically offer you a replacement phone is there is a fault that develops within 14 days of ordering. If the phone is within warranty then T-Mobile will also repair for you. If your handset is out of warranty then you may need to pay up to the value of £200 for it to be fixed. There are also loan services available. Contact the T-Mobile team on 08435 042 199 to discuss.

Lost or Stolen Devices

You must contact T-Mobile immediately on 08435 042 199 if your device has been lost or stolen. T-Mobile aim to get a replacement phone to you within 24 hours.

There are other ways that T-Mobile also look to help when you lose a phone; they will call you back if you are calling from a pay phone, they will also call a parent/partner to explain what has happened, they will block your lost device and give you your IMEI number so you can pass this onto the police.


T Mobile were originally mercury One2One and was operated by the now non-existent Mercury Communications. They were rebranded as T-Mobile in 2002 and operated both contracted and pay as you go handsets. T-Mobile launched 3G services in Autumn 2003. The merger in 2010 between France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and Orange created the largest mobile operator in the UK called Everything Everywhere, EE. This also provided T-Mobile and Orange customers in the UK with the first taste of the new super-fast 4G network than any other provider like O2 and Vodafone. September 2012 saw all T-Mobile (and Orange) stores being rebranded as EE to coincide with the launch of their 4G network. In March 2014 the T-Mobile UK website was shutdown and users were redirected to the EE site. Existing T-Mobile customers are now using EE’s networks.



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