Virgin Media Contact Number

Virgin Media Contact Number

08435 048 798

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Contact Virgin Media between:
8am to 12 Midnight
7 days a week

Virgin Media Contact Number for:
TV, Phone, Mobile & Fibre Optic Broadband

Contact Virgin Media

Use the Virgin Media contact number on 08435 048 798 and they will put you directly through to the customer services department. The customer services department are willing to answer any questions relating to Virgin Media’s products & Services from both prospective as well as current customers.

Please note – if you are a current customer then you will need to have your Virgin phone number to hand as you will be prompted to input this via your keypad.

The Virgin Media Helpline number will be able to help you with:

  • Technical Support
  • New Customer enquiries
  • Upgrading your TV packages
  • Choosing Fibre Optical Broadband services
  • Box Office
  • On Demand TV
  • 4K Virgin Media
  • Existing customer upgrades

Virgin Media Technical Support & Faults

If you are having problems with your Virgin Media service then contact Virgin Media on the Virgin Media contact number provided. Before you call the Virgin Media contact number, 08435 048 798, it may help to turn off and on your Virgin Media device (Set top box and broadband router) to see if that helps solve your problem once it restarts.

Some problems that you may experiencing and situation in which you will need to contact Virgin Media are:

  • Your broadband isn’t working
  • You cannot connect any more devices to your router
  • Problems with your television sound and picture quality Issues regarding your internet connection
  • If you are having issues with the speed of your Broadband or superfast fibre optic broadband, it may mean a Virgin Media Engineer must visit. Contact Virgin to see if you require a Virgin Media Engineer to visit your home.
  • Contact Virgin Media if your router isn’t working or has been damaged
  • Your Wi-Fi isn’t working
  • If you have any other queries or questions about your Virgin Media Service then call Virgin Media customer services on 08435 048 798.

By calling the Virgin Media contact number, you can speak to a member of the Virgin Media customer services team for professional help regarding Technical Support and Faults.

Please have your phone number to hand because you will be prompted to input this via your mobile or telephone keypad.

Accounts, Billing & Payments

Use the Virgin Media contact number to speak to a member of the Virgin Media Customer Services team.

They will be able to help you with account and billing queries. They can also help you with:

  • Updating your billing details
  • Moving home and your service
  • Upgrading and Downgrading your services
  • Understanding how you can reduce your monthly subscriptions
  • Virgin Media Support

As a Virgin Media customer you pay your bills in advance. Your first bill is slightly different as most customers are charged for their first (current) and second month so it is likely to be significantly higher than subsequent bills. Virgin Media customers can contact the accounts and payments team to discuss your bill in more detail.

If you have any problems at all with your bills and want help understanding charges then contact Virgin Media customer services on 08435 048 798.

Virgin Media Superfast Broadband & Virgin Media VIVID

Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband service can be added as a bulk or standalone package and has the fastest average broadband speeds in the Uk available with speeds of up to 300mb.

If you are new to Virgin Media broadband then you may need help setting up your router or connecting your devices to the network. Using the Virgin Media Contact Number means you can also help you get the most out of your service, including how to make sure you get the best signal and download speeds, using newsgroups and SmartCall.

If you are already a Virgin customer then the customer services team will be happy to discuss any upgrade needs such as getting you connected via a Super Hub.

For lucky customers in certain areas you maybe able to take advantage of VIVID. Vivid is a service from Virgin Media that will enable you to download of speeds up to 300mb. Contact Virgin or login to the Virgin Media website to place and order and read more information.

  • Vivid 100mb
  • Vivid 200mb
  • Vivid 300mb

If you need to discuss any aspect of this service then you can contact Virgin customer services on 08435 048 798.

Top tips for improving your Virgin Media broadband experience.

Virgin Media TV Packages

There are multiple choices of different packages that are available as a Virgin TV customer. To select the package that best suits your viewing needs you can call Virgin customer services team on 08435 048 798.

You may from time to time have issues with your system and need to discuss troubleshooting for problems ranging from freezing/blocking/blanking to audio and video problems.

There are also other aspects to the TV service that you feel you may need advice to get the best out of your service. This can include; On Demand, 3D, Apps and Games and BBC iPlayer. You can also contact Virgin on 08435 048 798 if you want to change, cancel or upgrade your package in any way.

Virgin Media TV Anywhere

Via you PC or Mobile device you can access your Virgin Media subscription from anywhere and watch your favourite programs online. With Virgin Media TV Anywhere you can watch:

  • Live TV
  • On Demand films
  • TV Collections

For more information, contact Virgin Media by using the Virgin Media Contact Number.

Virgin Media Upgrades

In order to view available upgrades for any of your Virgin Media products or services, you need to log into the Virgin Media website at Examples of Virgin Media products or services that can be upgraded are:

  • Broadband packages
  • Fibre Broadband 300mb
  • Mobile Phones
  • Television Packages
  • Home Phones
  • Bundles (multiple services or products)

If you would like to receive more information or have any questions regarding any upgrades you can make to your existing then contact Virgin Media by calling 08435 048 798. You may need to contact Virgin Media customer support, regarding upgrades, for the any of the following reasons:

  • How to purchase Virgin Media Upgrades
  • What Virgin Media upgrades are available to you
  • Problems whilst trying to purchase a new Virgin Media Upgrade
  • Contact Virgin Media to cancel a Virgin Media deal or upgrade
  • What Virgin Media services can you choose from?
  • Contact Virgin Media to find out when you are able to upgrade
  • To view your current deal/contract with Virgin Media, call Virgin Media customer support

To speak to a member of the Virgin Media UK customer support team, use our Virgin Media contact number on 08435 048 798. This will allow you to gain expert and professional advice on Virgin Media Upgrades and what the best options are for you.

Virgin Phone

The Virgin Media Home phone. Virgin have the benefit of some of the UK’s most competitive call packages available. All of their home phone call plans include calls to landlines, 0870 and Virgin Mobile numbers. In addition to this, the Talk Unlimited Extra plan gives you unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as well as 0845 and 0870 numbers. If you need to discuss any of these plans then contact Virgin customer services on 08435 048 798.

Virgin can provide phone bundles that include:

  • TV, Broadband & Phone
  • TV, Broadband, Phone & Mobile
  • Broadband & Phonre

Again, if you have any problems with your home phone service such as a poor quality line or certain aspects not working then you can get all the answers from the Virgin Media customer service contact number above.

Virgin Mobile Phone

To find out the latest offers then call Virgin Media on the Virgin Media Contact Number. Mobile. If you want to change your service provider to Virgin then call Virgin on 08435 048 798 to find out what is the best package for you.

You are able to choose from:

  • Pay Monthly Mobiles
  • Pas as you Go Mobiles
  • Sim Only deals
  • Samsung S8
  • Iphone 7s

You are able to keep your current mobile number and there is the choice of all the latest model phones, including iPhone 7, Sony Experia and Samsung Galaxy on either a pay as you go or pay monthly contracts.

Once you are a customer you can speak to Virgin on the number above for any number of reasons including help with your phone/tablet, your billing or account and also international numbers. When you are ready to upgrade then contact Virgin Media on 08435 048 798 and they will be happy to discuss the options that are available to you.

Virgin Media Online Services

Login to your online account and get most of the inforamtikn you will need online before using the Virgin Media contact number, By logging in online you will be able to:

  • Check your Virgin Media bills
  • Use TV Anywhere
  • Check for the latest offers
  • Upgrade your TV packages
  • Virgin RED – check the latest offers and promotions

New Customers

If you are a cable customer of Virgin media or looking for the latest offers, please call the Virgin Media phone number on 08435 048 798.

If you are having problems with your V Box, HD Box or you are having trouble with your Internet connection, Virgin Broadband and Virgin Fibre then please visit the Virgin Media Website or use the Virgin Media Contact Number.

The Website will be able to provide you with advice on;

  • Choosing your subscription (TV M, TV L, TV XL)
  • Advice on how to get the best from your fibre broadband network.
  • You can call Virgin for handy tips and advice such as how to improve your wireless signal and where to place your router in order to achieve the fastest connection.
  • If you have any billing queries.
  • If you are moving address or need to find out how you can take or leave your package from your existing home.

Moving Home With Virgin

If you are moving home and looking to become a Virgin customer, then there are 4 simple steps to follow. The first thing that you need to do is use the Virgin postcode checker to see if Virgin are able to be your provider at your new home. If Virgin are able to be your provider at your new home then contact Virgin and provide them with your current and new address and the date you will be moving.

After you inform Virgin, and you are happy, they will send you a contract in the post. All you need to do is sign it and return it. Finally, Virgin will send you everything you need and then you just need to install the equipment and then you will be up and running. If you are already a Virgin customer, and Virgin can supply to your new home, then you will be able to take all of your current equipment with you.

For more information regarding moving home with Virgin, then contact Virgin customer service.  A member of the Virgin customer service team will be able to provide you with support relating to any of the following:

  • What to do if you are moving home with Virgin
  • Can Virgin supply my new home?
  • Is it free to move your equipment?
  • Do current customers have to pay install fees?
  • You have lost your Virgin contract
  • Virgin contract has not arrived yet
  • What products can you get?
  • Best Virgin deals for you
  • What to do if Virgin are unable to provide your new home

Virgin Media Cloud Services

The Virgin Media Cloud Service enables you to store your music, your photos and all of your Videos online. Pricing is dependant on the amount of data you need to store but pricing starts from as little as £3.99 per month. Contact Virgin Media to find out more on 08435 048 798.

Contact Virgin for:

  • Virgin Broadband
  • TV and Phone
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Business Solutions
  • Virgin TV Anywhere
  • Movies on Demand
  • TiVo
  • Contact Virgin to add more channel
  • Call Virgin to raise complaints
  • Virgin Media Cloud
  • Virgin Media Upgrades
  • Virgin Media Line Faults & Reception problems.

If you are interested in switching providers contact Virgin to help advise the 3 east steps:

  • Step 1 Choose your new service – Choose from Fibre Broadband packages, Digital HD packages and Phone packages.
  • Step 2 Get Connected – An engineer will turn up at your premises and install your new service.
  • Step 3 Cancel the Old Service – You generally need to provide 30 days notice to your existing provider

History of Virgin Media

The merger of NTL and Telewest in 2006 formed NTL:Telewest which later turned into a merger with Virgin Media in November 2006 to compete with BSKYB.

Virgin Media provide Fixed and Mobile Telephone services, Television and Fibre Broadband Services. The launch of their quad-play services in 2006 revolutionised the consumer market and by Feb 2007 they were re-branded completely under Virgin.
Virgin Media delivers its services on its own Fibre Optic UK network. Its the only national cable network in the UK and now they have 4.8m customers.

They compete directly with SKY TV and suffered to compete against the new SKY+ recording boxes in 2007 but soon launched their V-Plus box to provide customers with the ability to pause, rewinding and recording live TV directly to their boxes.

In 2008 Virgin struck a  deal with SKY TV to provide their basic channels to their customers – Sky1, Sky2, Sky3, Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sky Arts and Sky Real Lives. In a recipricol relationship, SKY began to air Virgin channels to their customers – Living, Bravo and Challenge.

In 2009 Virgin Media began to roll-out its Fibre Broadband service across the UK with increased speeds over BT and SKY TY because they had the ability to deliver fibre speeds on true fibre opposed to copper technology. They launched as 50mb but from 2012 they have begun to offer a speed of 120mb to customers homes.

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