Virgin Mobile Contact Number

Virgin Mobile Contact Number

08435 041 101

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Contact Virgin Mobile Contact Number between:
8am to 12 Midnight
7 days a week

Contact Virgin Mobile for:
Pay as You Go Mobile
Pay Monthly & Mobile Broadband
Digital TV, Broadband or Phone

Contact Virgin Mobile?

When you call the  Virgin Mobile Contact Number, you will be given 3 different options so that you can be put forward to the correct member of the Virgin Mobile Contact Team.

The three options which you will be given are:

  • Press 1 for Pay as You Go – For any information about Virgin Mobile’s Pay as You Go service, you should call Virgin Mobile’s Support Number and press 1.
  • Press 2 for Pay Monthly & Mobile Broadband – If you have any questions about Virgin’s Pay Monthly service or their Mobile Broadband service, then contact them on 08435 041 101 and press 2.
  • Press 3 for Digital TV, Broadband or Phone – Call Virgin’s Contact Number if you require support regarding Virgin’s Digital TV, Broadband or Phone services.

You may need to contact Virgin Mobile for multiple reasons. Some of the topics that Virgin’s Contact Team cover are:

Virgin Mobile Phone Services

If you would like to receive information on your latest mobile phone bills then you need to call Virgin Mobile where you can ask any questions you may have regarding your mobile phone bills.

You are able to find out how to track your mobile phone usage by using the Virgin Mobile contact number on 08435 041 101. If your mobile phones has been damaged or isn’t working properly, you need to call Virgin Mobile, on a different phone, to receive help on what to do in order to fix the problem.

To upgrade your mobile phone or tariff then you should call Virgin Mobile where you can talk to a Virgin Representative who will discuss upgrades that are available to you. You need contact Virgin immediately on 08435 041 101 if your mobile phone was stolen or lost as they will lock it so nobody can access any of your personal information.

Accounts, Payment and Billing

Using the Virgin Mobile Contact Number you will be able to speak to one of the Virgin Contact Team that will allow you to access information regarding how to manage your Virgin account whether it is how to create a Virgin account, changing your Virgin account details or to deactivate your Virgin account.
Contact Virgin Mobile if you wish to discuss if you are able to discuss your contract that you have with them and can also talk about upgrading, changing or cancelling your contract with Virgin.

You should also contact Virgin Mobile if you would like to change your billing information or review your latest bills.

Contact Virgin on 08435 041 101 if you would like to view, change or upgrade your Virgin package.

Broadband, Mobile Broadband & Fibre Broadband

If you are having any problems with your Virgin Broadband, then you must contact Virgin on 08435 041 101 as they will do their best to ensure the problem is fixed as soon as possible. Some problems that you may be encountering are:

  • Slow/No internet connection.
  • Device will not connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Problems with your router.
  • Somebody else is connecting to your broadband.
  • You cannot connect to certain websites.

Virgin also offer information on how to keep you and your devices safe from others on the internet. Contacting Virgin Mobile allows you to report any suspicious behaviour online, receive information on how to protect family and devices and receive general advice about what you should and shouldn’t do on the internet. If you would like to upgrade your Virgin package then you should contact Virgin on 08435 041 101.

Virgin Media TV

For the latest information about TiVo and what it is or how to set it up, then call Virgin’s support team. Virgin will give you all of the information that you require and will answer any questions you may have about TiVo.
Virgin will also offer information about their TV Anywhere app which allows you to watch live TV or stream TV to your phone when you are connected to the Wi-Fi. For information on how to setup the app on your mobile device, then contact Virgin on 08435 041 101. If you require help setting up your Virgin remote control or reprogramming it then you can contact Virgin mobile for more help.
If your TV loses service then you need to call Virgin’s contact number on 08435 041 101 as they will allow you to check the status of your connection, give you information on tests you can run and will also give as much advice as required to fix the issue.
For information on what you can do if your TV picture keeps freezing or if you are missing some channels, then contact Virgin Mobile’s Support Number. Call Virgin Mobile if you would like to discuss upgrading, changing or cancelling your Virgin TV package.

Virgin Media Landline and Telephone Services

Virgin Mobile’s Contact Team will help you with any issues regarding your landline. Some examples of problems you may be facing are:

  • No landline service.
  • No dialling tone.
  • Interference on phone line.
  • Unclear voice of other phone user.
  • Unwanted calls from cold callers.

By calling Virgin’s Contact Team on 08435 041 101, you can receive solutions to any issues that you may be facing whether it to be done by yourself or if a member of staff from Virgin does it for you.

Are you Moving Home?

If you are moving home and would like to know what that means for you and your Virgin package, then you must call Virgin Mobile on 08435 041 101 as they will give you all of the information you will need.

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