Vodafone Contact Number

Vodafone Contact Number

Contact Vodafone between:
Monday to Sundays 8am to 9pm

08435 077 033

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Vodafone Contact Number for all Vodafone Customer Service
Including Sales & Support


Contact Vodafone

Use the Vodafone Contact Number listed to be connected to a Vodafone Customer Service Agent on 08435 077 033.

You can contact Vodafone Customer Service 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

Vodafone operate several services

  1. Pay monthly mobile phones
  2. Pay as you go mobile phones
  3. Home Phone Services including Landlines
  4. Broadband
  5. Fibre Broadband for Home & Business
  6. SIM Only Deals
  7. Latest Mobile Handsets including Samsung S8
  8. Tablets and iPad Devices
  9. 4G Coverage
  10. Music, TV & Sports
  11. iPhone 8 & iPhone X

Use the Vodafone phone number to speak with a Vodafone Customer Service Agent.

Vodafone Faults & Technical Support

If you are having problems with any of your Vodafone products or services and you need technical assistance, then use the Vodafone contact number. You will be directed to the Vodafone Customer Services  team.

If you are having problems with your Mobile Phone or your Broadband services, either turning off and on the mobile phone or router, may help the service.

If you are continuing to have problems with any of the below, then contact Vodafone:

  • Mobile Phone Coverage
  • Mobile Phones
  • Broadband & Mobile Broadband Services
  • Superfast Fibre Broadband
  • Phone Line & Voice faults
  • Internet Access within your home
  • Home Phone & associated services

Billing & Accounts – Checking Balances and Making Payments

If you have any queries with your monthly bill or need clarification on your charges then call then contact Vodafone Customer Services to speak to someone in the billing team..

You can check your outstanding balance and make payments at any time by ringing customer services on 08435 077 033.

Contact Vodafone Accounts to:

  • Make a payment on account
  • Check outstanding balances
  • Change your payment details
  • Move onto a Direct Debit
  • Upgrade your handset
  • Cancel your Vodafone service

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

Samsung’s new flagship phone is set to be released on the 21st April. Visit the Vodafone website for all the latest offers and potential upgrades. Also – for more information on the handset, visit the Samsung UK Website.

iPhone 8 & X on Vodafone

Contact Vodafone to order your new iPhone 8 & iPhone X which has recently been released. The Iphone 8 is Apples latest release and is available now on Vodafone.

Use the Vodafone contact number to find out if your eligible for an upgrade. If you are a new customer, then contact Vodafone to find out more.

The iPhone X features an all-screen design with a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display with HDR. Designed with the most strongest glass ever in an iPhone and a stainless steel band. You can charge it wirelessly, it resists water and dust. It also has a 12-megapixel dual camera with dual optical image stabilisation. Face ID lets you unlock and use Apple Pay with just a glance to your phone. With it being powered by an A11 Bionic, the most powerful and smartest chip ever in an iPhone. To find out more information on the latest deals, use the Vodafone contact numbers.

Pay Monthly Mobile – New Customers and Upgrading

If you are interested in getting a contract phone with Vodafone or you believe you are due for an upgrade then you can discuss your requirements and the handsets available by using the Vodafone Contact Number on 08435 077 033. All of the latest mobile phones are available:

  • Iphone Range including iPhone 8 & Iphone X
  • Sony Xperia Z & X Series
  • HTC
  • Lumia
  • Blackberry
  • Samsung

Vodafone can deliver your new mobile phone to your billing address in the UK and Northern Ireland. This needs to be the same address your payment card’s registered at, and this can’t be changed once you’ve placed your order.

Please make sure there is someone at home to sign for your device otherwise it will get sent back to the depot.

Vodafone can also provide customers with SIM Only options that provide you with a SIM car and a data usage allowance. Pricing starts from £9.50 per month and includes 250mb of data. Contact Vodafone if you don’t require a new handset and would like to talk more about a SIM only deal.

If you think you have made a mistake with an order, then contact Vodafone Customer Service for further assistance.

Vodafone Devices

Vodafone can provide customers with the latest tablet and peripheral devices for your mobile phone. The device Vodafone can provide are:

  • iPad Range from Mini to Pro 9.7
  • Samsung & Huawei Android Devices
  • Windows 10 Tablets

If you are having problems with your devices and need to speak to a Vodafone customer services member, then contact Vodafone on 08435 077 033.

Network Services

Our Vodafone Contact Number will help you to speak to Vodafone Customer Service and check 3G and 4G signals by using their Coverage Checker and Network & Status Checker. Use the Vodafone contact number to check your signal. If you are experiencing issues Vodafone Customer Services can advise further.

Prices and Cost

Vodafone Customer Service can assist with billing enquiries and advise on any costs from travelling abroad, calling abroad from the UK and Data Charges. If you have experienced any problems with call charges or call costs, use the Vodafone contact number and you will be put through to the relevant team.

Vodafone One Net Business

Vodafone customer services can provide you with help for business phone packages abd the Vodafone One Net service. Our Vodafone contact number will get you more information on business broadband and phone. The Vodafone business services include Vodafone Business Premier, Business Plans with shared data, Vodafone 4G for business, roaming for business.

Pay as You Go Mobile – Topping Up Your Phone

You can top up your pay as you go phone and also check your balance by contacting Vodafone customer services on 08435 077 033.

Vodafone can provide customers with Pay as You go mobile phones that range from:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • Sony Range

Use the Vodafone contact number to find out more information.

Vodafone Broadband and Superfast Broadband

If you are interested in obtaining a broadband or home phone package from Vodafone then you will need to speak to someone by using our Vodafone contact number on 08435 077 033. Depending on location, Vodafone can provide you with:

  • Broadband ADSL – upto 17Mbps download
  • Superfast Fibre – upto 34Mbps download
  • Superfast Fibre + – upto 76Mbps download

Vodafone’s latest offers the inclusion of free line rental for some of there Broadband products and services.

To visit the Vodafone website to check what speeds you can get, goto the Vodafone website or click the following link – www.vodafone.co.uk/broadband

Home Phone Services

Vodafone provide customers with traditional home phone services. You can move your existing landline to Vodafone buy speaking to a representative on the Vodafone contact number. Vodafone can provide:

  • Anytime Calls – unlimited calls from your Vodafone home phone
  • Mobile 300
  • Voicemail Plus
  • Call Management Features – Stop nuisance calls
  • Traditional Voicemail
  • Caller Display

Contact Vodafone to find out more information.

Transferring your Mobile numbers or Landline numbers to Vodafone

Moving to Vodafone couldn’t be easier. You can transfer your mobile number or landline number will relative ease. The transfer is seamless on the day of transfer. If you require any further information, call Vodafone.

Vodafone Ownership Transfers

Transfer of ownership means you can move your mobile/plan/account to another person. This means they’ll have responsibility for payment. This could include moving:

  • your Pay monthly number to a different Pay monthly account. For example, a child may have a number on your account, once they have turned 18 they can transfer the number onto their own account.
  • your business number to a personal account. For example, if you’re moving jobs but you want to take your company mobile number with you.
  • your personal number to a business account.
  • your business number to a new business account.

Call Vodafone customer services on 08435 077 033 if you need to move your number onto another account and they can put the changes into action for you.

Lost and Stolen Phones

You will need to call Vodafone Customer Services immediately on 08435 077 033 if your device has been lost or stolen. Vodafone Customer Services can immediately block your sim and IMEI. You need to make sure you call straight away as you will be charged for all calls/activity on your phone until you contact Vodafone.

This is not as important if you are a Pay As You Go customer as you won’t have to pay anything, however, someone else may be using your remaining minutes until you call and get your sim blocked.

Tracking Orders

To track your Vodafone order, you can visit the Vodafone website and use the Track Order Section. You can find the link here – http://www.vodafone.co.uk/shop/existing-customers/track-my-order/index.htm

Vodafone Trade-in

With Vodafone Trade In, you can get cash etc, for your old device when you upgrade. Other options include getting credit on your bill or discounts on your next device or plan. Use the Vodafone contact number on 08435 077 033 to discuss.

Vodafone will need to assess the condition and value of your device and sort everything out for you. You get a guaranteed trade-in price and can even use it straight away to pay for a new device or accessories. Use the Vodafone contact number to find out more information.


If you have bought a phone, device or accessory from the Vodafone website or over the phone and you’re not happy, call Vodafone customer services on 08435 077 033 and send it back for a full refund.

You have 14 days to cancel and return your order if you are not happy with your product. Unfortunately you can’t take it back to one of our stores. Use the Vodafone contact number to arrange collection.

Making a Vodafone Complaint

If you’re not happy with Vodafone’s service and would like to complain, you contact Vodafone on 08435 077 033. The customer service adviser will try to resolve it all the first time you contact us, and will involve their team manager and operations manager if necessary.

Use the Vodafone contact number to find out more information. If that’s not successful, they’ll pass the issue to the Customer Relations team to look into. They are specialists in resolving complaints.

HISTORY of Vodafone

Vodafone provides telecommunications services in the UK and across the globe. The Vodafone Group is one of the world’s largest mobile phone companies and there are nearly 20 million subscribers in this country alone. You can call Vodafone on 08435 077 03308435 077 033.

On the first day of January 1985 Vodafone made the first ever UK mobile phone call. Later that same year the company launched the country’s first cellular network. Less than 15 years later Vodafone UK’s five millionth customer was connected. In 2001 the first 3G phone call in the UK was placed, again on the Vodafone network. And now, more and more people are using 4G around the country. In less than 30 years, the company has grown massively, and now has over 400 million customers in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Vodafone is the second largest mobile phone operator in the work with 453 million subscribers world-wide. They Headquarters are based in London, England with registered offices in Newbury, Berkshire.

Vodafone operate in our 25 countries with their own network but there customer reach is to over 65 countries. After several acquisitions in the 1990’s they reverted to Vodafone Group Plc in July 2000.

Cable & Wireless

In April 2012 Vodafone acquired Cable and Wireless (including THUS) which gives them the ability to be recognised as a major player in the unified communication market in the UK. Vodafone are now competitive against BT Wholesale, Talk Talk, Scottish and Southern Networks at providing fixed line voice services and fixed line data services across the UK.

Aside from mobile phone air time services, Vodafone have developed the cheapest handset called the Vodafone 150. The Vodafone 150 is aimed to the under developed world and include countries like, India, Turkey and African countries like Kenya and Ghana. Vodafone also have interest and business dealings in Mobile Money Transfer Services and solutions at providing new products to the healthcare market.

The Vodafone Foundation is a charity which supports special projects that help provide mobile services to the vulnerable. Vodafone’s charity services usually co-operate with other charities.

Vodafone House, The Connection
Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN



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