Xbox Contact Number

Xbox Contact Number
(Technical Support)

08435 043 337

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Use the Xbox Contact Number between:
Monday to Friday – 9am to 10pm
Saturday – 9am to 8pm
Sunday – 9am to 5pm

Press 1 for Xbox One
Press 2 for Xbox 360 & All Products

Xbox Live Contact Number – 08435 043 336

Contact Xbox Support

The Microsoft Xbox contact number on 08435 043 337 will pass you through to a representative that will be able to provide you with some help on the following:
  • Getting Started with your new Xbox console
  • Setting up your Xbox device
  • Connecting to Xbox Live membership
  • Trouble shooting any problems
  • Controllers, chat headsets and the Kinect Sensor
  • Games
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S

You can contact Xbox Support the number 08435 043 337 which will be able to advise you further more on other most general topics:

  • Xbox Support
  • Technical Faults
  • Repairs
  • Compatibility problems
  • Xbox Live Support
  • Xbox Beam

Contact Xbox Support

Use the Xbox contact number on 08435 043 337 and you will be able to get help with:

  • Getting Started with your new console – If you need to speak to Xbox Customer Support in order to find information regarding your new console and where to start, then contact Xbox on 08435 043 337.
  • Setting up your Xbox device – By using the Xbox Contact Number you will be able to speak to a member of the Xbox Customer Services team who will guide and advise you when you are setting up a new Xbox Console.
  • Connecting to Xbox Live membership – If you would like to join Xbox Live on your Xbox account then you can contact Xbox Live Support team on the Xbox Live Contact Number 08435 043 337.
  • Trouble shooting any problems – Contact Xbox Customer Support if you are facing any problems with your Xbox console as they will give you expert advice on what can be done to fix your problem.
  • Controllers, chat headsets and the Kinect Sensor – The Xbox Support Team will instruct and help you to set up any peripheral devices you desire to use such as a controller, headset or Kinect.
  • Games – Contact Xbox by calling 08435 043 337 if you are experiencing any problems regarding an Xbox game as they can help identify the reason behind problem and therefore the solution to help fix the issue.

Contact Xbox Live Support

In order to speak to an Xbox representative regarding Xbox Live, you need to contact Xbox Live Customer Service by calling 08435 043 337. By contacting a Xbox Live representative you can find out more information regarding:

  • Xbox Live Messaging and Friends.
  • Xbox Chat and Party setup.
  • Troubleshooting Xbox Live.
  • How to join Xbox Live.
  • Connection problems

Contact Xbox live if you are facing problems with connecting or joining Xbox Live.
Before Calling Xbox Live Support  you should try re-booting your Internet Router or contact your Internet Service Provider.

You can visit the Xbox Live status page here –

Xbox Beam

Xbox have acquired and further developed Beam into their platforms. Beam giving the user the ability to broadcast games live across the internet and also take part in watching other gamers. For more information on Xbox Beam use the Xbox Contact Number.

Xbox Support – Faults and Repairs

If you are experiencing problems with your Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One, then contact Xbox on 08435 043 337 to troubleshoot your device. Before you call Xbox, check that all your cables are connected correctly. If your problem is internet related, then check with your Internet Service Provider first to diagnose your problem.

If you do not know as to what is causing the fault, then you need to contact Xbox in order to receive expert advice on how to solve your problem. Some reasons as to why you may need to contact Xbox UK customer support, on 08435 043 337.

By using the Xbox contact number you can also find out if your device is still under warranty and therefore if you can have your console replaced. By contacting the Xbox Customer Support team, you can get help with:

  • Your Xbox will not turn on
  • Overheating of your Xbox
  • Your Xbox is faulty
  • Find out how to return faulty accessories to Xbox.
  • Check if your Xbox is still under warranty
  • Where can you get your out of warranty device repaired or fixed?
  • Receive expert advice on what to do if your console is damaged.
  • Potential instructions on how to repair your console.
  • Xbox Support

Latest Xbox Update – March 2017


The Xbox One S is the upgraded version of The Xbox One. The new Xbox One S is the only console with 4K Blu-ray and also a 4K video streaming. Included is also HDR. You are able to play over 100 console exclusives and a growing library of Xbox 360 games on the newly designed Xbox One S, the ultimate games and a full 4K entertainment system. Unlike the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One S has a 4k blue ray player.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft has added an extra 10 more backwards compatible Xbox 360 games to play for this week on the Xbox One console. The following were the games that were added:

  • Dragon Afe Origins
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Battlefield 3
  • Strania
  • The Splatters
  • Scrap Metal
  • Ghostbusters
  • Mega Man 9
  • Mega Man 10
  • Beat’n Groovy

There are more games set to be available soon on the Xbox One using the backwards compatibility feature. If you would like to receive more information regarding Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Update, contact Xbox Live by calling 08435 043 337. Contacting Xbox Live will allow you to:

  • Enquire about what games are upcoming for Xbox backwards compatibility
  • Call Xbox customer services UK to learn what games are already available for Xbox backwards compatibility
  • Learn how to use Xbox backwards compatibility
  • Contact Xbox to ask how to purchase Xbox backwards compatibility games
  • Receive help with any issues you may be facing with backwards compatibility
  • Contact Xbox Support for more assistance.

Getting Started with your Xbox

When purchasing any new Microsoft Xbox device, you may want to find out more on how to setup the device. Xbox have a website that is rich in detail and support by offering guides of how to setup your new devices correctly. You may simply look for information on how to connect all the cables correctly or how to register different users on the account. If you cannot find further information online to help set up your console then speak to an Xbox representative by contacting Xbox Support on 08435 043 337. Some reasons you may need to speak to an Xbox representative:

  • How to Setup an Xbox console.
  • Contact Xbox to find out how to create an account.
  • How to gain access to an old account.
  • Finding the best location in your premises for your console.
  • Strongest security settings or how to reset a password.
  • How to change your Gamer tag.

Xbox Kinect Setup & Help

The Xbox Kinect is a peripheral device that can be used with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One device. It is essentially a camera and a sensor that is used to track the player’s movement’s which are used to control the game.

Not all games are able to be played using the Kinect, only games which are specifically designed for Kinect use. As the Kinect is a peripheral device, you will need to manually set it up.

If you would like to receive help regarding the Kinect or have any questions, then contact Xbox by calling 08435 043 337. By contacting Xbox customer services, you are able to speak to a member of the Xbox customer support team and receive expert advice with the following:

  • Contact Xbox Support to find out which cables are required to setup a Kinect.
  • How to setup Kinect cables.
  • Maintenance and Kinect sensor calibration placement.
  • How to activate Kinect voice recognition.
  • Contact Xbox if your Kinect is not working.
  • How to turn on a Kinect.

Use the Xbox Contact Number for more information.

XBOX Billing and Payments

Use the Xbox Customer Service number to get help with billing and payments.

  • Check your Xbox Live membership and payment history
  • Check your monthly billing to Xbox Live
  • Make changes to your Payment method by adding and deleting cards
  • Us the Xbox phone number to find out more information.
  • Moving Address
  • Changing your billing details
  • updating your records
  • changing you sign in information
  • help with recurring payments
  • over-charges advice
  • refunds

Meet Xbox One –

Online Account Support –

Xbox Live Membership –

Xbox Network and Internet Services

Connecting your Xbox to the internet is a simple process to connect your console to your Internet Providers Router but you may need further help. Accessing the Xbox website will provide you with additional information, but if you would prefer to speak to someone at Xbox, then use the Xbox contact number on 08435 043 337.

The Xbox customer services team can help you connect your device via a wired ethernet cable or via a wireless connection. The Xbox customer services team can advise you of the optimal setup that you may require. They can also advise you on similar items below:

  • How to connect to Xbox Live for the first time
  • Troubleshooting error messages when connecting to Xbox Live
  • Streaming issues and speed problems.
  • Contact Xbox for Wireless connection help to Xbox
  • Choosing the right router or modem for Xbox Live
  • Connecting your console to Xbox Live via an Apple Mac
  • Connecting your console to Xbox Live using a PC
  • Specification of speeds needed to connect to Xbox Live
  • Advice on improving your wireless signal
  • Problems with Streaming movies and music

Alternatively, if you are experiencing problems connecting your Xbox device to the internet, it may be your provider that is causing the problem and not the Xbox device or service.

Contact your internet service provider if you have no internet access at all. If your Internet Service is working, use the Xbox Contact Number for further help and information.

It is always advisable to turn off your Internet Router for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

Service Provider List –

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox have recently released the backwards compatibility feature to the Xbox One System. This feature allows Xbox One players to play Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One consoles at no additional cost. Not all games are available for backwards compatibility however, currently over 100 titles are open to this feature with more titles being available soon. For more information regarding Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility feature, contact Xbox on 08435 043 337. You may want to call Xbox for some of the following reasons:

  • What Xbox 360 games are available for Xbox One backwards compatibility?
  • How does Xbox backwards compatibility work?
  • How do I use Xbox backwards compatibility?
  • What Xbox 360 games will be available for Xbox One backwards compatibility in the future?
  • If your Xbox backwards compatibility isn’t working.
  • General Information regarding Xbox backwards compatibility.
  • General Enquiries or Questions.
  • Xbox backwards compatibility won’t load game.

Xbox Accessories

There are many different peripherals or accessories that can be used with the Xbox consoles. Some may be hard to more difficult to use or setup than others and therefore you may need to speak to an Xbox representative to help you by using our Xbox Contact Number by calling 08435 043 337. The following are accessories that can be used with an Xbox Console.

  • Connecting game controllers, wireless and wired
  • Xbox headsets and compatibility
  • Hard drives and extra storage
  • Gold Membership and Xbox Live
  • Flash drive support
  • Wireless Networking Adapter

Downloadable Content

The Xbox marketplace is a store full of digital content for you to download to your Xbox device, some items are free however other items do cost. For advice on parental permission and payment queries and charges, call Xbox on the Xbox contact number. By contacting Xbox you will be able to find useful information like:

  • How to buy and rent games, film, music and shows on Xbox Live.
  • Information on digital right management (DRM).
  • How to download old content, view your history and manage your download queue.
  • What to do if you run out of memory on your Xbox console.
  • Parental permission to prevent mis-purchases.

Xbox Games

You can download games from the Xbox marketplace directly to your Xbox device via your internet connection. Check with your Internet Service Provider before downloading any digital content as extra charges may apply. To find out how much or how large the downloads are, check on the Xbox website or contact Xbox directly. You may need to contact Xbox if you can relate to any of the below:

  • App Hub – information for indie game developers
  • Contact Xbox Support for Cloud Storage – storing your saved games in the cloud
  • Managing data and shareable data
  • Copying, moving and deleting content between different console devices
  • Downloadable games and trouble shooting
  • Unable to download games from the Xbox Marketplace.
  • Contact Xbox if you are unable to purchase games from the Xbox Marketplace.
  • No more storage on your Xbox console.
  • Game Manuals

XBOX Security

For customers that want to try and full secure their Xbox device then it is advisable you read content on the Xbox and Microsoft websites. For more information on how to protect your Xbox access and restrict access for children, it may be easier to speak to an Xbox representative. Using the Xbox contact number will provide you with further information on:

  • Selecting parental settings on your Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Changing child access permissions when they become adults.
  • Basic parental safeguards and measures.
  • Billing control measures
  • Privacy and Online safety settings for your family
  • Creating or changing Xbox passwords.

System Information about your Xbox device

Use the Xbox Contact number to find out how to:

  • Setup your Xbox devices
  • Contact Xbox for Device information
  • System Updates and what you need to know
  • Manual and Specifications of your device.
  • General Maintenance
  • Health and Safety
  • Connecting to other friends

Xbox For Windows 10

By using the Xbox app to sign into their Xbox account, users are able to connect their Windows 10 computer to their Xbox console. Connecting your Windows devices allows you to share your Xbox account across your Xbox console, Windows 10 computer and Android Devices.

By doing this, you are able to stream and play games across various devices, view your friend’s activity, share game plays and also communicate with other players. With some games, players are able to play them on both their Xbox console and Windows 10 computer with no additional cost, using Xbox Play Anywhere. To receive more information regarding Xbox and Windows 10 or Xbox Play Anywhere, contact Xbox customer support by calling 08435 043 337. You may want to receive more information regarding:

  • How to connect your Xbox to your PC
  • Contact Xbox to find out how to connect your Xbox to your mobile device
  • How to sign into your Xbox Account on your PC
  • Making changes to your Xbox Account
  • How to download the Xbox app
  • Call Xbox if you are experiencing issues regarding the Xbox app
  • How to use an Xbox controller to your computer
  • How to setup Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Contact Xbox customer support if you are experiencing problems or issues with Xbox Play Anywhere
  • General questions or enquiries

Xbox Backwards Compatibility

The backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One console, allows players to play specific Xbox 360 games on the next-gen console. Many Xbox 360 games are now available to be played on the Xbox One, including:

  • Call Of Duty
  • Halo and Left 4 Dead

If you would like to receive more information regarding the backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One or are experiencing any problems, contact Xbox using the Xbox contact number, 08435 043 337. Some areas you may need help with are:

  • Use the Xbox Contact Number to find out how to set up backwards compatibility
  • How does backwards compatibility on the Xbox One work?
  • What do I need in order to use backwards compatibility on the Xbox?
  • What games can be played on Xbox backwards compatibility
  • To find out more information regarding what games are going to become available on Xbox backwards compatibility contact Xbox customer support
  • Call Xbox if your backwards compatibility isn’t working
  • The Xbox 360 game won’t load on the Xbox One
  • General enquiries or questions regarding Xbox backwards compatibility

Groove on Xbox

Xbox now uses Groove to allow users to listen to music on their consoles. Groove allows users to keep all of their music in one place, making it easier to manage and use. By purchasing a Groove Music Pass, you are able to stream and download their favourite music from one of the world’s largest music catalogues. Groove can be accessed from other Microsoft products such as, you Microsoft computer or your Microsoft smartphone. If you are experiencing any problems whilst using Groove with your Xbox console, you must contact Xbox UK customer support by using the Xbox contact number on 08435 043 337. Speaking to a member of the Xbox customer support team will allow you to receive help with the following:

  • What Microsoft products can Groove be used on?
  • How to download Groove to your Xbox console
  • How to use Groove on your Xbox
  • Contact Xbox if you are experiencing problems whilst trying to download or use
  • ove on your Xbox
  • To learn how to stream music on your Xbox console, contact Xbox customer services
  • Issues downloading music to your Xbox
  • How to purchase Groove Music Pass on Xbox
  • How much does Groove Music Pass cost?
  • Contact Xbox to be informed of the benefits of the Groove Music Pass

Microsoft Movies and TV

Xbox Video has now been changed to Microsoft Movies and TV. Microsoft Movies and TV allows users to rent or purchase the latest films and watch them using a Microsoft product, such as the Xbox console. From a huge catalog, users are able to choose from a variety of 1080p films and advert-free TV programmes. All films and TV programmes can be watched on the go, as long as you have an internet connection. For more information regarding Microsoft Movies and TV, or if you are experiencing any problems, you need to contact Xbox customer support by calling the Xbox customer service number, 08435 043 337. Some reasons as to why you may need to contact Xbox are:

  • How to watch films on an Xbox Device
  • Can you watch TV on your Xbox
  • How to purchase films and programmes on the Xbox console
  • How to add a payment method to your Xbox Console to purchase Movies and programs
  • How much does it cost to buy or rent a film or programme on the Xbox
  • How to stream movies on your Xbox
  • Can you download films or tv programs on your Xbox?
  • How to use Microsoft Movies and TV on the Xbox
  • Contact Xbox if you are unable to purchase or rent films or programs on your Xbox console
  • Tips to improve the quality of the films and programs on your Xbox

Call of Duty WW2 Trailer

Battlefield One

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